Thursday, 11 October 2012

going fast!

But not quite fast enough.....The Pirate has been riding really well, but no medals so far at the Masters World Championships  at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.  Three races, two championships and four days to go.

Today, for the first time this week it has been raining all day....which belies the local weather  reputation!!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

going relatively fast

I did another track session today, nicely indoors and warm, with the rain beating down on the roof of the velodrome (aka a huge tin shed!!)

I didn't play with all the others, but stayed with the Pirate.  This time I went round the blue line halfway up the track, with me at the front!      It didn't use to feel that high.  On the other hand I'd never ridden an indoor track before this year, after racing since 1966, on the track since 1967 or 68. 

Having a long break away from riding myself hasn't done much for my nerves or confidence either.   But we're  getting there....I did two timed efforts today...and after hearing what times were done in the National Masters Championships in  my age group, I'm feeling a lot better....if tired!!

We had a coffee and tea in The Vegetarian Cafe in Newport today....and I met a fellow blogger, who is running it and doing the catering there....we had fresh Apricot and raisin flapjacks too...very tasty indeed. One of her soups is being used by the Covent Garden Soup Company too.

So go and visit Hunkdory Cafe in Charles Street!!

lightbulb moment....

Ah, said the Pirate, so blogging is sort of like having penfriends but anyone can read the letters.......

near enough!!

and it is rain, rain, raining again....