Monday, 31 August 2015

tonight's sunset

Just before the rain rolled in.....

Friday, 28 August 2015

rake and roll

 It WILL be a lawn....the customer wants it smooth but undulating...good!
 it was like this a year or so ago...then we helped clear and level it...then they built a house..
 with sky views...

just by here...

We do have to travel sixty miles to work on the job, but we DO get to stay in the house and are well looked after.
All we have to do is work,which the Pirate does too well...he has to learn to stop when told that he has done enough.....then he wont be feeling sorry for himself for a day or more because he has over done it..... still, his appetite and blood pressure are good. So we are getting something right.

We now have internet in the new abode, but not a marvellous connection. Hopefully some judicious tree pruning will help....

Monday, 24 August 2015

The Shed

Thats what friends are for....meanwhile , "Hers" is full of his stuff pending completion of "His"....

Friday, 21 August 2015

back online

We've been in since 20 July...still not sure if we can afford to stay,but we'll do what we can.

It took a while, but now we're back online...would have been only a week if the engineer had actually come here on the first appointment...even though he couldn't sort every connection!

We're working hard with garden work, and have got some coming in as under-gardeners for a local gardener when she needs extra hands.  We like chasing the work or the payments!!
One possibility will be actually buying some new tools if we have to carry on with garden work to make ends meet.  At 76 and 62 years old we had hoped we could ease down and concentrate on things we want to riding bikes, doing our own garden and making pots and prints.....

I've been sorting out the email and spam backlog...almost time to get a month's photos on the computer and show you a few.....

Meanwhile Daughter has been here for a couple of days, with family, and much of my paperwork has been weeded,a few boxes sorted and the recycling wheelie bin filled!!!!

Plus we've had a couple of trips out!