Thursday 31 December 2020

Sky contrasts, new year hopes

This morning...icy road at the front...
Beautiful sunrise at the back...and soon it started snowing again. Jobs indoors again..ironing, keeping the clothes, doing a little tidying....our one visitor today...the postie!!
By 3.30pm we had just enough time for a walk, our loop out round the back of the village on the road.. Looking towards Goat Fell on Arran...
Following himself down the road...with the beautiful sky to the right...
And grey on the left!
We cut back cross country half way to get off the road...just in time to see the sunset through the trees
And the other way?.....

 Here we go towards 2021..Kiwis were just about the first to get to celebrate together...

We have been at home, watching last celebrations on BBC Alba...then,.a programme Sounds of the Line, by a musician inspired by the sounds and the history and old photos of the West Highland Line...seeing the news...briefly....disaster upon disaster....then Billy need a smile! Sad that he can no longer perform, due to Parkinson's...but the spark is still there.

Just over an hour until next year... here's hoping for health, people respecting themselves and others, happiness and friendship. Not a lot!!

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Tuesday 29 December 2020

To the beach!

The day of the dental appointment.....

I carefully drove to Prestwick...and found that there had been a appointment is for 29/1......we carried on as we had intended doing anyway...being a quarter of a mile from the beach....
Snow on Goat Fell...25 miles across the water.

 Plenty of walkers and dogs...and more than plenty of room.

Monday 28 December 2020

Off road walking

living gate posts!
Growing gate post!

A well maintained and marked stile...the white tape means you can spot it from across a field.

There was a farm here, but it might not have survived having a colliery next door...this pool is linked to the colliery..
A row of starlings
And the next shower on the way.

 Good to see all the buds on the trees ready for Spring