Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Drongan in the cold

 All white....

and more on the way.....

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

changing names

What is your opinion?

One is no longer one's husbands "goods and chattels",your belongings remain your own after marriage unlike before.

But still people expect it...some, like the Pirate have been brought up this way.

Others think if you don't change your name to his it shows a lack of commitment...and it is always in that direction!

Some men who have taken their wife's surname have been treated awkwardly by employers or family.

Ah well, if I do end up changing my surname on paper, I'll still have my own name professionally and in business.  Opening  accounts with paypal and etsy was painful enough as it was , without changing anything..
Some documents you get charged for changing name too...

I didn't expect this sort of minefield...families, who'd 'ave 'em!!?


 Coltsfoot flowers in a gravel drive
 and snow still lying from a few weeks ago
 blue sky ,fluffy white clouds and dark grey clouds
 starlings crowding along the lines...writing music dots in the sky....
 dry snow blowing across
 like little white pellets..
and now The pirate has gone out on his bike in the sun!!

If we are to get heavy snow in the next day or three, we must take advantage of what we get.

Me? I'm indoors with inflamed sinuses, snuffling and coughing...even visited the doctor,a rarity for me. I have been given a nasal spray AND antibiotics as I very rarely have them.  After a week of this I need a break....

Monday, 26 February 2018

a day out,a sunset..

 Out in the car to the South of Ayrshire, and on the bikes from Barrhill into the Galloway forest.
No photostops in the first half of the ride, too busy keeping going against the chill wind..but the sun was nice and warm and we saw two red deer hinds on the edge of a forest stand. Down to Knowe,now just a very small hamlet and the inspiration for a few word puns...Knowe and then, cetera!!

The roads were rough and pot-holed, but even main roads are in bad condition now.

It was a relief to turn onto a smooth surface for a while, with the sun and wind at ones back!  Over to Bargrennan and the main A714 (Newton Stewart to Girvan) and back up to Barrhill.
 At 4pm the warmth was just going from the sun..and we went to Girvan for a "fish supper". Pirate has the fish,I have most of the chips and we both have mushy peas!  Well prepared in Grazianos,the chip shop by the harbour..and run by another cyclist!
Then chips by sunset..
 looking south..
 and out to Ailsa Craig,about 10 miles off shore.

 Going, going, gone...and the crow flew from the pole by the harbour...

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Prestwick prom

 Arran is out there....somewhere....
 South towards the Heads of Ayr


Real, cast iron, beautiful

Friday, 23 February 2018

we care


its turning cold again...but life is looking forwards

Thursday, 22 February 2018

kiln shed start..

The weather is at last dry...but cold, so at least we can get on with building,at last!!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

dusk walk

In which I caught many beautiful photos, but in doing so lagged behind the Pirate who saw the local stag crossing the path in front of him. There are about six deer living in Hannahston Woodland.

 Te pen has moved to this,safer, pool
 from here,where she was with the cob
 and home past one of Scotland's exports...