Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Rain at last

 We laid a path together, and I marked out the next vege bed..I need three more old scaffolding boards to finish properly.
 Pirate finished his lean-to between his shed and my workshop..now the mowers and ladders..and a wheelbarrow when we can afford one..will have a dry home.
The rain arrived early today...as I was about to put the washing out on the line, of course!! The garden needs it. Six weeks without rain is not good...and it comes after weeks of too much rain,

Monday, 27 April 2020

New Life on the way

Next door's starlings have an increasing family!

The blackbirds are nesting both sides of us..with collar doves one side.

We have been a little busy...

 The next vege bed...two sides done. Sand and slabs down on the path tomorrow.

 The mowers will have a roof!

 It's a relief when things grow
All work in progress...but it is good to see a difference after the hard work.
You get to a point after a lot of work when it just looks a mess...but then you begin to "turn the corner"....at last!

Saturday, 25 April 2020


Despite suncream.... different pattern Jandals to the sandals I was wearing only two months ago...
Thanks  be for aloe vera gel!!

Friday, 24 April 2020

Jobs well done

 The roof mending is finished, thankfully. I really need metal sheeting on it...but that will wait until we can get somebody else to do it!!
 Today's excitement.....a fire engine... stopping at nextdoor but one....
It seems that a gull had investigated the cables on the solar panels..had a shocking experience....flapped to the ridge..and died!!
Electricity 1 Bird 0

The fireman wouldn't touch it as it was dead. If I remember rightly the bird rescue charity won't touch gulls without leather gauntlets as Salmonella is endemic in the population!!
I repotted a small tree in a tub today..it was being strangled by some geraniums...I tried to draw a sprig....not easy!

Thursday, 23 April 2020


I spent most of today holding a ladder...very boring, but it meant that Pirate was safe up the ladder! And the workshop roof edging is mostly finished.

The wooden straps were rotting after four years...and we liberated the plastic replacements from heading to landfill 😎
The front is done apart from a little trimming, the back corners are done.
The jackdaws will have a job getting through this stuff.

 Today's visitor

Slow progress...but steady...you never know when the last frost will be !!

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Quiet progress

Another day with hot sun and chilly breeze, but nicer than yesterday.
We have worked more steadily today and feel quietly satisfied.
We rescued some roof edging from being sent to landfill and have started adding it to my workshop. Hopefully we will have enough for the pot store shed as well.
The polytunnel contents are coming along , more beans germinating
..and puy lentils too after only two days!
Soup was made for lunch..and four double helpings for the freezer!
Yet another spectacular sunset tonight..it was much more pink than the pictures..but you get the idea!

I join in with a Facebook group, The daily sketch challenge...The idea is to do it every day...but the founder posts a couple of photos every Wednesday for those devoid of inspiration!

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Inspiring..and carrying on

If you can't buy brackets.... make them!

I pricked out red cabbage seedlings...it was lovely sitting in a toasty warm polytunnel out of the chill wind. It was a day for Jandals, shorts..... woolly jumper and beanie!!
On a day like this despite the sun, the best place was indoors!!

Monday, 20 April 2020

Taking it easier

Or trying to! At least Pirate had a siesta today.
It is another hot sunny day with cold easterly winds thanks to the high pressure system over Ireland.  There is rain further South but we are getting drier...
We joined the home haircut brigade ..Pirate trimmed a couple of inches off mine last week and today I trimmed his whiskers!!

Not a bad job...and difficult to keep him still...I worried about nicking lips and ears!!

One half full of plants and seeds..I am willing them to GROW!!

We keep on with outside jobs, thinking of those we are leaving until it is too wet or cold to work outside..but the warm dry weather carries on, so far. It is a relief to have it and we must learn to relax and appreciate it.

Now he is doing some bike maintenance to loud music..and I must go and post some more work in my Etsy shop...live in hope!!