Tuesday 31 October 2017


Blessings be...

A new year, new beginnings, new plans.

Time to remember old things, past and missing friends.

Time to let go of the bad things ,time to grab new opportunities.

May your future be as you wish it.

Southerness. Colour/ B&W

Comparisons...the same view..but you see different things

Tuesday 24 October 2017

The Pirate's Weekend

Pirate had a good weekend as well as all the potters...two good bike rides, making himself useful spreading gravel on a sodden path and keeping wood chopped and fires burning as well as relaxing and enjoying looking at three generations worth of various old machinery.

Inspiring Firing weekend with Scottish Potters Association

We set off just after 8am on Friday for the long, nearly 250 mile drive to near Elgin in Morayshire.  We crept  through fog or cloud in Ayrshire until we reached Lanarkshire, and were in sight of Glasgow!
The weather gradually improved as we headed northwards.  A brief coffee stop near Stirling then onwards, past Perth and up the A9 in sunshine.
Lunch in a cafe at Dalwhinnie and onwards past Aviemore to turn onto the A95 .
This was a new road to both of us, and it was a delight travelling along Speyside, past all the whisky distilleries!
A stop for tea in Rothes, then the last ten miles or so on B roads..and lanes...
We missed the correct lane first, but after retracing steps my internal radar said...next lane..and it was. What a relief!!

The kiln crew had been there all week, and had been slowly firing ..by the time we arrived, late afternoon it was at 1180 C, and spraying in a soda solution started at 1200.  Suppertime depended upon the kiln, and thirty or so of us gathered in the newly re-roofed small banqueting hall ( ex-sawyer's shed).
Saturday was demonstration day, plus a chance for anyone to have some throwing practice. The kiln slowly, frustratingly slowly, cooled....

We all had some interesting walks around the gardens at Blackhills Estate, where  John Christie lives and runs his pottery.  A place of peace to think and breathe.
I think we might return there and rent a cottage for a week sometime..and buy some of John's work of course!

Unpacking the kiln on Sunday was exciting and inspiring...a spur to a few of us to Get On With It!!

Followed by a drive home,luckily not all the way..only 175 miles to a friend near Dunfermline...three and a half hour's driving plus a stop...funny how you can be exhilareted but also very, very tired!!