Wednesday 27 April 2022

Spring Saunter


Today was one of those breathtaking, chilly breeze but hot sun days, so we had a wander late afternoon. Himself isn't up to a proper energetic walk yet!

Wild cherries, or Geans.. hope we can get to some before the birds in a couple of months!

Like the river, the pond is low on water.

Woodland...and hedgerow


sloe, or blackthorn


and again pear
Living in hope!!



A real cracker last night.. although it was rather more pink than that..but still as intense!

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Settling back home..

 The third funeral done..another for Pirate to  meet old relatives and new. 

Then back home in two days, with a meal out with a friend at the halfway stop. We hadn't seen her for years, and she had a new home and garden to show us!

Since we got back we have been getting everything back into after two days the washing mountain has been done, the car has had its MoT, and some wasn't technically due for a full service but it deserved it!  It was good to know that everything was in good order and not all the new filters were we didn't have to pay for them!

Unfortunately someone else had knocked and scraped our car while it was in the garage's yard... luckily we noticed it..he polished off the scrape and ordered a new light unit straight away...and will be checking his CCTV videos....he was annoyed that someone would do that and not say anything.

We picked up some good long timber from the fencing company by our garage...two very large pallets..and they took them apart nicely for us and delivered what we couldn't take in one trip with our car. It is only their rubbish...and they are pleased to see it being used instead of being burnt!

Part of our haul was also wooden fencing panels, where they had replaced a fence for a customer. Enough to do our front, with the gates that we have and most of the side, and only the upright posts to add. We have been having trouble with dogs using our front lawn as a toilet...some of them still on extending this should stop that problem!!

One sad thing to return home to was that our neighbour with the hens and homing pigeons is in hospital with a tumour I think on one kidney, but it is also by one lung.

I knew that he had been going downhill for a while...looking too much like my Mountain Man when he was in his last months. Its a year since his wife died with dementia..and she was a heavy smoker all her he is paying the price for that.

My mystery bush has flowered! It is a Ribes odoratum, or buffalo currant..which I expect to be pink. However this is from Central USA!!

The berries might even be edible...if not, the birds will like them!!

It was biscuit day yesterday...Anzac biscuits..

Thanks to the Australian army for sending grandpa Harrison home to Australia from Gallipoli with "neurasthenia"...code for PTSD or shellshock...their point of view was that there was no point calling someone a coward and shooting them, send them back home to be useful.

When you think that NZ sent 100,000 men out of a population of just over a million...not sure of the numbers for Australia, but a similar proportion.

Pirate is gradually recovering, but isn't happy with the after effects of Covid...and is definitely not happy with the fact that it will take six months to get back to anything like normal.  But accepts that it is far better than the alternative!

Thursday 21 April 2022


Pirate's daughter..even shorter than Jane Austen!
Not sure who or what...just a family group

 A nice break with Pirate's daughter and husband, nearly halfway between Yeovil with my brother. And Kent, by Canterbury... again!

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Film ... Honeyland

 We went as guests to the local film club, that my brother helps run.

"Honeyland" was filmed in Macedonia, over many years.

I am not sure how much documentary it is and how much story...but it can be seen as an allegory as to how we treat the earth and other people and animals on her.

Definitely if you can see it. Do

Another funeral..

 And two hour's easy driving to get there..apart from getting a bit lost in a town I lived in over twenty years ago!!

Almost standing room only in the Adams funeral home...note, please only one "d"....and the first song played was "I'm on the Highway to Hell"....his family knew his taste of music...he was a great and talented character and athlete and cyclist...went on to one of the live recordings made of Frank Sinatra singing "My Way"... So a sad and happy occasion.

At the bunfight after in the local golf club I was sure that I recognised some friends from the 70s....and the 90s....but didn't say anything!! Neither did they, but you could see that look saying I think I know you...but having never seen you in non cycling clothes!!

It is good here, having relaxed down time with my brother, no pressure on either side to join in and do stuff...but still doing some things together.

Monday 18 April 2022

Holiday gardening

 Saying thankyou for others' kindness and generosity.


And after.

Today's exercise for Pirate...which ensured that he had the required siesta!

Steady does it with the recovery.

Sunday 17 April 2022

Day out at Stourhead

 Impressive.   But no mention of any of the estate workers....