Tuesday, 29 July 2014

much too busy

The Birthday has gone, and was a great success.
Unfortunately just before that we had a house guest, supposedly a friend in need....now she no longer needs us, having taken up much working and more importantly relaxing time over four days, been taken down to her next job (she at least paid for the fuel for that) she has been most unpleasant. 
The Pirate is having trouble getting her out of his head...how can you be punished for being good and doing the right thing? Not what we need at present.

So I haven't had time to get the pictures from camera to computer, and inspiration is rather thin.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


 My brother (the hairy one on the left, with the Tipi) is the advance party of those staying here and locally for The Pirate's Birthday.
 The gazebo is my present to The Pirate.
 The Cake!!  Made by "Auntie Beryl", mum of one of the Ayr Roads Cycling Club
 The Pirate mending his pew, which came from Maybole Church, and will be taken to The Club Hut ready for the party.....and mowing the grass by the hut!!
No, not the field,...... really!!

We've been busy sorting B&B accommodation for friends and family, working out what food to buy when, cleaning the house and finishing off all our grassmowing jobs.....we'll need a holiday after this!!    Still, he isn't 75 every day!

Thursday, 10 July 2014


 On the podium....
 Meeting The Carpenter's geckos....Bruce, above, then the New Gecko
 Bruce meeting The Pirate. Funny how I've put animals like these on my pots for years..
 Then a ride with the MD...
 While the Pirate rested with her mug....the right Pantone colour of course!!
 We met this one in Aberystwyth station
 Then home to beautiful skies..
 which are quite dramatic in monochrome
 and I can try sepia too...
 The Pirate, pre-haircut...
 sitting by "Miss Willmott's Ghost"...
 Then standing by a Big Boat, all smart and trimmed......pity about the waste of good Islay Whisky though...
 The older warehouses on Rosyth Dockyard had interesting shapes
 and the size of the gantry over the new boat....look at the people up there, for the scale...
Now we're back, catching up on peoples' grass and gardens, getting new customers ( we mended a gatepost today) and co-ordinating who is staying where and when for The Pirate's 75th Birthday Bash....and on top of this helping a friend out of a ghastly employment situation, giving her a refuge for a couple of days while she finds a new job.
So if I'm not here blogging regularly...you'll understand!!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


We are HOME!

One second place (sprint), one fourth place (only just) in the pursuit...8 laps...when my event only lasts two.....and a silver medal in the 500 metre time trial ...to a World Champion sprinter four years younger....in the British Masters National Track Championships, held at the Welsh National Velodrome in Newport.

Much to work on for the European Championships in Alkmaar at the beginning of September and the World Championships in Manchester a month later.

We stayed with The Carpenter and The Oily One, then had a lovely time with daughter and family, sort of on the way home, with the grandsprogs having just had their fourth birthday.

Now we have arrived back at our wee But an' Ben, and The Pirate is sorting through his wardrobe to see what gets the boot....as you do after a nine hour journey...including stops.....and a bottle of good red wine in the garden!!!

His radiotherapy has finished and he is looking healthy in himself...if tired out by the process and the three hours commuting five days a week for 37 treatments.

Pictures to follow.....