Tuesday, 29 July 2014

much too busy

The Birthday has gone, and was a great success.
Unfortunately just before that we had a house guest, supposedly a friend in need....now she no longer needs us, having taken up much working and more importantly relaxing time over four days, been taken down to her next job (she at least paid for the fuel for that) she has been most unpleasant. 
The Pirate is having trouble getting her out of his head...how can you be punished for being good and doing the right thing? Not what we need at present.

So I haven't had time to get the pictures from camera to computer, and inspiration is rather thin.


Relatively Retiring said...

That's tough, but I hope you can both glow with self-righteousness at having done the right thing. Glad the party went well.

smartcat said...

I call them SAPPERS! These are the people who purport to be your friends, but take every bit of your energy, creativity and general well being. (Oh gosh, you're upset that I called you at 3:00 AM?)
Talk her out, write her out, act her out. She does not deserve so much as one cell of head space!
ummmmm.....do you think this a sore spot for me?

Cro Magnon said...

A friend in need is a friend indeed, unless they're a pain in the rectum. We have 'friends' who have just arrived at their hardly ever used home quite nearby. They only ever contact us when they WANT something, then never ever say 'thank you'. We keep saying 'that's the final time...'