Friday, 30 August 2013


It is lovely to see all my fellow bloggers gardens doing well. We are envious!!

We do have the use of a 6 foot by 8 foot greenhouse, which has been keeping us in salad leaves and is promising a good harvest of carrots, a few beetroot, some chillis and cayenne peppers and a load of cucumbers...we'll start earlier next year!

We will have a deep bed made from two stacked wooden single beds (from Heals in the 1920s I think!) all we need is soil.....

I have some plants that need moving from South Wales, being looked after on a fellow allotmenteer's patch.  We never seem to come down with space to take plants back!!

It takes my mind off a health niggle that the Pirate has....I'm not allowed to worry, but I do.   So we hold breath until a week Wednesday, and meanwhile prepare for the European Masters Track Championships on Newport Velodrome in Wales.  So far so good.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

euan craig, an inspiration to us all

Inspiring, giving hope and example.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

busy again

We're back in Wales again to organize some work on the house and also, by the way to ride the European Masters Track Championships!

We went via the Mildenhall Cycle Rally which was great fun, even if the racing was hard work.  Neither of us had been camping for a few years either, so quite an experience!! If you're lucky you might even see a photo of me racing, in the 2013 photos!!
The worst part is the travelling- nine hours driving, (plus 90 minutes stops) to get there from Ayrshire- travelling on the Friday of a Bank Holiday Weekend is not ideal.
Then at the end we decided to avoid the Motorways to get to South Wales....the thought of the M11 , M25 and M4 at the end of a Bank Holiday Monday........

We came round Cambridge, above Oxford and through Cheltenham. Then round Gloucester and through the Forest of Dean.  Good roads, some dual carriageways, about 250 miles, total journey time six hours with no hurried driving...All Legal!!

 I must explain the lack of blogging- we're still relying on the local library for our internet at the moment.   They use outdated and obsolete that when I try to post on blogger, it says "error on page"...and you can't write.   The library staff will be greatly pleased when the system is updated "soon".... and so will all their customers!!
Lets just hope that when we get a phone line and internet, that the service will be worth paying for......