Monday, 17 June 2019

moving in?

If she doesn't finish this kiln soon, WE will be moving in....

when you're in a garden....

Saturday, 15 June 2019

domestic day

 Doing things at home today as it was (mostly) dry..pirate defeated a 15" x 15" x 18" block of concrete ( I helped too!) that had held a washing pole...the pry bar is in the remnants of the pole.
 and we moved the replacement pole still in its concrete block two feet over into the hole that the original left behind. Now the pole is no longer in the way, and  neighbour can reach it to renew her line..a job she has been thinking of doing for a while!
 herbs and cuttings all sorted,re-potted or planted,
 and the same for roses and geraniums. They will be out in a bed in front of the house, eventually.
 and tonight's sunset...
You'll have to imagine that the sun wasn't burning through as much, and the rosy bits were really was breathtaking...

At 10.45 pm, the neighbour's chooks are refusing to go indoors as it is too we've had buzzards and foxes around lately he has to stay up late to get them in!!

Wednesday, 12 June 2019


 The river Ayr...and the bridge at Stair..the first time we've seen it from this angle!
 dog gate..

 I wonder if the hamlet was once a sizeable village...the church has two graveyards and the second graveyard extension has been started

 about five generations of William Murdochs here
 a 1700s memorial stone..this looked like the oldest
 the Stair Inn at stair has plenty of stairs!  I heard that it is supposed to be haunted...but I didn't sense anything

 and beautiful wood furniture
 and very nice beer that we've only seen in bottles until now
We've booked some of the Pirate's family in here..they will be up for a family meal just after his 80th birthday

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

weather changing

A dry chilly day,with some sunshine and a grey afternoon...and a blue cloudy sky to finish.

England and Wales are having a LOT of rain....sinkholes have been found in the M25 near Sevenoaks...the cricket has been rained off for three days....disaster indeed.

The rain might arrive here tomorrow....

there are other gardens...

Today we did Peter's garden, the first time since the end of April I think..usually we are there every fortnight. However between the weather and being away,its been too long, and despite the cold winds has managed to get a trifle "jungly" !!  Our fault, so we couldn't charge him full price.
Not that we ever charge him that... he was a real gardener's gardener and its a garden we'd love to do weekly.
It will look a lot tidier after our next visit, but never fear we make sure there are enough wildlife habitats!
 Trouble is at 94 or so he isn't well off and can't tend his beautiful garden himself, being now almost housebound. As we work I take photos on the tablet computer, and lift the brightness and contrast so that he can see them. His body may be wearing out,but he has a lifetime of history to talkabout.

Luckily its a good productive garden too, so we get to share some of the fruit crops.

We still haven't had much rain, just chilly winds so far...8C this morning!!

For which we were grateful on our second garden this flooded last year and despite periods of dry weather has never really dried out. Lawn cutting is a little problematical,but the Pirate managed well!!

Monday, 10 June 2019


yet another startlingly coloured sunset tonight

Sunday, 9 June 2019

and on...

 one compost bin emptied...good stuff,after two years!
Two Redcurrant bushes out of pots and into beds today
 and more queuing up to go in,as soon as the onions and garlic have been harvested
 Pirate has been busy digging the earth section in the polytunnel..hard work as it hasn't been dug for years,if ever.   There aren't many worms, and blackbirds are waiting to pick off those that appear.
I'm gradually extending the planned outside all the raised beds are going to fruit bushes, we need more beds for veges.
 and at 10pm...
 looking towards the River Clyde..
'Night All !!

Saturday, 8 June 2019

gardening on..

 Pirate and our foreman
 now the bean sticks are up,it looks like a garden!
 digging! We've had dry weather most of today, with the rain passing North and South of us, although the temperatures are not high...only just into double figures until lunchtime!
 The square in front of the polytunnel will be a veg growing bed.

And for can use all sorts for raised beds..this is The Carpenter and family (my youngest son) on their allotment. You can see half builders bags in a cut down floor tile pallet box,
 and other bags, possibly from a well known Swedish store...
They use these...and old they have a problem with equisetum(Mares Tail) and other serious weeds...but in a  movable garden you can use all sorts of containers!

its up!

The polytunnel is up!
Also three gooseberry bushes and two blueberry bushes are now in the raised beds instead  of pots and and those and the strawberries have been netted against the blackbirds...I'd like to have fruit after all our work!

As the veggies in the raised beds get cropped, more of the potted bushes will get planted in...looks like we'll be staying for a while...

Friday, 7 June 2019

busy again...

riding the boards...then drawing them...I've been remiss on both counts.
We have also been slacking on our own garden due to working on other peoples' gardens...

One can't be everywhere.

Masters' National Track championships in three weeks. Am I ready? Not really...and my age group is down to I'll be competing against the next one down, with riders up to six years younger.

Normally there would be more in my group but it seems that some have foregone the nationals and chosen just to ride the Worlds, in October,in Manchester. this is due to the entry fees...they were a bit steep before,but now have risen by £20 for entry plus one £90..and for each subsequent event up by £10 to £45...if that is the 500 metres time trial that's about £1 per second.
Perhaps that's the effect of two years in LA!!

Pirate will ride...he has been part of the fight to gain a 80+ age group. They've had a partial success...the successful 75+ age group has been re-instated.   If we both enter what we usually ride it  will cost £450 just to enter. 
Is it me or are sports in general pricing themselves out of themarket?

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

polytunnel progress

 mending the workshop deck, before clearing the site
 read the instructions!
 and assist
 ta daaa!
 garden progress...

 its all too slow....
because now we're off to do work in someone else's garden...