Wednesday, 21 August 2019


I've just written one ready to step,find a decent,interesting stamp...I might just have some in stock from last year.

Who shall I send the next ones to? Thanks to Zhoen for the idea in One Word..and John in Going Gently for his postcard competition...who knows when blogging might disappear (I've only just discovered that picasa is no longer linked to here) and even electronic communication...

Exchanging email and snailmail addresses seems a good idea in these times...if you want to join in, please do comment...and I wont publish your details as I review all comments.


Time can flash by...visitors sadly waved off early..they have to be in Ullapool by 5.30 pm at the latest, to check in for the ferry to Stornoway.

Now I'm trying to date fix a visit to daughter and family around Pirate's next point having two long trips southwards....and we must get back to the Western Isles for a return visit.

We haven't done either for about two years....too long....

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

going Maritime

We have yet more visitors!..our friends from the Western Isles , on their way home from a wedding in England.
Lunch at The Coo Shed cafe near Alloway was followed by a visit to the Scottish Maritime Museum in inspiring place.

There are other boats jut up the jetty and a tenement house reconstruction,with an hour's guided tour...but our feet gave up before that!

The order of the day was then a cuppa and cake in the Puffers Cafe, and ice cream from Vanilla Joe's Gelateria, and the chance meeting with a fellow cyclist who started cycling with a leisurely Land's End to John o'Groats ride..and four year's later, at 52, she is still enjoying riding around, using her bike one way and train the other.

Then back home....and rest!

Monday, 19 August 2019


No, not Computer....but the Oily One has been busy with Cardboard Aided Design.....

The kiln services company is too busy,I think....there are a lot of important clay related weekends going on...and the Oily One has a friend who builds turbines and has offcuts of stainless steel....

fingers crossed!!


Thankyou Zhoen for the beautiful card...and the postie for choosing a fantastic stamp!

Blogging and other electronic communication is good..but Snail Mail is as well and your local postie is an important member of the community.

nature walk

 not much ready yet
 but there were a few windfalls...

 and plenty of wind...getting vegetation still was a problem!

 The Clyde gleaming in the distance...
 Fairy Doors

 local alpaca farm
 it was a double rainbow...this bit came out best...shows the internal angle well...
which of course is 42 degrees...

Friday, 16 August 2019

not so bad after all

 After more concentrated rain this morning...cue a leisurely start to the day, breakfast followed by coffee and luscious (vegan) chocolate cake, sitting around and chatting, lunch...
the sun appeared!

 They got on their way to the Summer Sessions concert...with wet weather gear just in case!

Garden patterns
 seeds for the birds
 and a delight to the eye...who needs a plain green lawn!!
To top it all, we got out on our road bikes in the sun for two took longer than hoped as it was rather blustery!!