Monday, 29 July 2019

Potfest in the Park...and Penrith

 They, potters and sculptors, in 108 stands,  set up on a roasting hot Friday....we arrived on a sodden Saturday!

 Live music!
 Hutton-in-the-Forest, on whose grounds potfest is held
 it rained...then it rained even heavier
 we walked out of our digs to find supper

 and returned like two drowned rats!

 Sunday was fine and sunny, so we took a morning stroll first

 and coffee of course!

 Not the only closed and for sale old inn, but a special one

 and we headed for the walled garden and forest walk before it decided to rain again!

Much inspiration,meeting old friends and new, meeting people "in the round" instead of online...
Some much needed advice and encouragement for finishing the kiln flue at home...

Before heading home...and luckily choosing a back road after Gretna, past the Devil's Porridge Museum,where we saw these...

just leaving for home...

Wednesday, 24 July 2019


and tidying...and trying to reduce stuff.

A tiring job! For both of us!!

Garden progress will be recorded...when enough is done...this garden has been under grass for about seventy years and it is hard and slow work making the change to vege growing.

While many other places have been having heavy rain and thunderstorms,so far we have had dry weather...all the better for shed sorting and gardening.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

No cooking tonight!

A chip supper and watching the sun set from Croy, over Arran

Walking on Ayr

 The town is run down, but there are some beautiful buildings and interesting history

 The oldest building in town (the yellow one) now an empty shop,previously the tourist information office, and the rest divided into flats. Once the home of a certain Mr McAdam ...

 The Old Racecourse

 queuing...not sure to come in or go was very windy...