Wednesday 30 June 2021

Busy walk

 Today's walk was very busy. We went on our two mills route, as we hadn't walked that way for a while...and wished we hadn't! Auld Byres farm was having its grass crop lifted and hauled off in a relay of large tractors and bigger trailers, past the stud farm on our route. Easyjet was flying training circuits from Prestwick Airport. The hedges were heaving with mobs of small birds..we saw a bullfinch near Millmannoch.

It was good to see plenty of walkers still walking too.

And the sun appeared from behind the morning mist!

Comte de Chambord

 I love Bourbon roses!

Tuesday 29 June 2021


 We had a short walk as the sun went down....staying in the sun as once it's behind the hills the air cools .

But at 11pm the sky was again dramatic..

If anything it is unnerving.

Monday 28 June 2021

Doors and doorways, Thornhill, D&G

 The last two of the post longer open, but nice to see the brass shining!

We stop in Thornhill for a leg's an hour away from home...both on our journeys out and back.

Short hill walk

 We met with Pirate's son and granddaughter at Tebay services...and being the first day of Scottish school holidays, the place was full! 

We both parked at the top and had Halloumi burgers on a picnic bench in the sun...then it was dog walking time! This was the first time we had met  Ted the English setter...and we hadn't seen granddaughter for well over two years. 

Present exchange done...birthdays in both parties! We headed off the motorway and up on the fell. Just a short walk as they had to leave before long to get back home.

Sunday 27 June 2021

Birthday ride

 We didn't go far as it was quite breezy...and a headwind to our hot chocolate and shortbread stop! A lovely way to celebrate my birthday..and a tailwind home!! And the sun came out from behind the clouds.

Back on the beach


Saturday 26 June 2021



After our ride on Caird Park velodrome in Dundee, we headed for Aberfeldy.

Just to say that we had been we have been to both!..the other is near Whanganui!!

We had a pot of tea in the Three Lemons, which is in a restored tweed and woollens emporium... beautifully done...and good value and good service too.

Lovely apron...good writing too!