Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Drawing challenge

 A friend in Christchurch NZ has set a drawing challenge to friends...14 days..and she sets the subject... halfway done so far!

I have to think harder about the next subject...Happy!

Monday, 30 August 2021


 We visited the Oily One's lady friend.. she is site security on a boat yard....and we saw many interesting boats as well as having an enjoyable afternoon barbecue!

It was a museum as well as a boat yard.  Wish someone would give her a good home!

Friday, 27 August 2021



We found a Dragon!

 At Newport International Sports Village

Garden helping

 In The Carpenter's allotment, with Woodchip. Carpenter is working full-time now and Mrs C isn't well, so we can enjoy being helpful.

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

What we saw....

 On the way to stay with youngest son, The carpenter and family.

And, of course, there were three of them......how they got through some of the villages on the A76 I don't know!!

We arrived safely, very tired after nearly 400 miles....but happy...and well greeted by all including Frank The Dog....who is not supposed to be up.....

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

This and that...

 We had a walk late on Sunday afternoon...it was so clear!

Starlings queueing up to roost.

,The meadow lawn has been mown... successful so far, first time back as a meadow after sixty years and more as a lawn!

The garden is nice and lush! Tomatoes and squash steadily ripening, peas being picked..and bringing a new flush of flowers! The runner beans have started producing...at last.

The frame is a cabbage cage... hopefully the crop won't be decimated by munching caterpillars....

The full moon looked like this to the tablet...but really it was like this...

To the eye it looked a deep orange!

And tonight's sunset, equally dramatic...was a bit more pink to the eye.

'night all!! Xx

Sunday, 22 August 2021


Town Hall.  We visited a friend near Kincardine and went for carry-out Fish chips and mushy peas..I didn't have the fish...but it came breaded and was definitely fish shaped! The rest was top quality too.

We wandered around the old part of the wee town which is at the Fife end of the 1936 bridge

Typical Scots style dormer windows
Pantiles which came from the Nederlands as ship's ballast.

A small public house right at the end of the bridge. There used to be one on the other side too, probably until the ferry stopped and the bridge was built.

Different views of the bridge than we usually get!

You can just see the tower on the bridge..that is one side of the section that used to swivel to allow shipping to pass.

This used to be public toilets...it was on the programme Homes under the Hammer I believe...but it obviously wasn't converted into flats!

As you can see from the name..it used to be an important stopping place for goods inward

 A brief visit...I think I will be back again!  The place looks a little sad with run down and closed shops...but also good community buildings and enough shops thriving. Every small town suffers from trade being sucked into the big box shops.