Monday, 28 March 2016

building and riding

 We've been busy still sorting boxes, finding things, making the house more of a home.
Also,at last, we have good enough weather to grab an hour or two out on the bike. Using a turbo trainer is all very well indoors in inclement weather but it does get difficult to stay enthusiastic about doing it...
We're very glad that like Imogen, Storm Katie has chosen a more Southerly track!

The Pirate was unsure about leaving his "stamping ground" of 25 years, South Ayrshire...but now we are in East Ayrshire we are discovering a network of lanes.
This toll house is by Ochiltree

Last week we rode 25 miles, but stayed within six miles of our village!
Today we rode through Sinclairston, skirted Ochiltree then found a "new" lane to take us over to the road to Stair.
 Big skies...and himself coming back to see why I'd stopped!
 Past the site of another Ayrshire village,this one demolished as late as 1953.

 If you search online for "the lost villages of Ayrshire" there is a wealth of information.

Once home, with the rain still holding off, we did an afternoon of garden construction...the first deep bed is looking good,with beetroots and carrots and a few parsnips...
 Now the second is on its way. We have some bought topsoil, but first we need to collect bags of horse manure (free) and council compost from the recycling centre (also free!).   The compost and top soil mixed together 1:1 go on top of the manure.

The much traveled fruit bushes also need re-potting into tubs...but we've done enough for today!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

workshop constructed

 going up, thankfully with sunny weather
 the working party
 Brendan finishing up, under the watchful eye of Charlie
until the workshop floor has been finished, materials and tools have gone into the Pirate's Shed...temporarily of course!

Meanwhile next door, another piece of history unfolds..Big Jim bought his house many years ago, before the council re-roofed these 1930s houses. He still has, for another couple of weeks, the original felt roof tiles.  He has been saving for re-roofing,not easy on a farm labourer's wages.
The jackdaws and starlings are a nuisance here, getting in through the slightest gap in a roof.  Before we moved in our landlord had our loft cleared of nesting material...nine large black bin-bags full....

We think he is in the wrong job..roofer....steeplejack?

Friday, 11 March 2016

more progress...

The first deep bed ready to fill, and the "lawn" getting its first cut,despite the damp weather. I'm not sure what we'll do about the front lawn is mainly least it is green!
 and indoors,more construction work...
 ready for card and paper for printing, so as I don't mix the different grades and can easily find them
Some days simple things are enough.They are still progress.


Today I'm trying to find what to write, to safe deposit scotland, as evidence for why we should keep our deposit on our last rental.
We left it spotless..cleaner than when we arrived,with a tidy garden.  We left nothing.

Apparently she is claiming that the property needs re-carpeting and redecorating and she had to pay to have our belongings removed...none of that is true. We even brought rubbish with us...
 It will be interesting to see her "evidence"...

Thankfully the money is safe with the scheme until their decision is made-how many of us have lost money in the past in like circumstances?

It leaves us with a hole in our finances, which is growing as we are "in the red".
The process could also take another six weeks....

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


 The Pirate and the Foreman
 Ancient technology...runners,rollers and lever (and me pushing) to shift the kiln out of the way first
 and a little gardening on the side...deep beds (!!) on the way
The wind is still cuttingly cold, but after last nights long and heavy rain we've had sunshine all day...just what is needed!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothering Sunday

I had a lovely card..and went for a nice bike ride...

 including a Rabbie Burns plaque
 and lunch at  garden centre with a LARGE tractor!

Trinant walk

 building up the hillsides
 a house, hopefully heading for renovation....
 a nicely laid hedge at
 Pen y Fan pond

 walking back down
 first primroses...we saw cherry blossom and blackthorn blossom out in Lancashire on our way down to South Wales on 27 Feb, as well as the first lambs...we've still got snowdrops out here!
The spring is here, meteorologically....and you can see the green haze over the ploughed fields. It will be interesting to see when the blackthorn flowers here.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

the Carpenter's wedding..

We headed off South yet again,but thankfully this time to a wedding!

 In a hat!!!! with the Carpenter..
 and a smart Pirate!
 Youngest guest at the party...a month old...and DD trying not to get broody...
 these are enough of a handful!

 He has gained a stepson....and a photographer!
all this, and the weather stayed dry,if chilly.