Thursday, 18 July 2013


We've been busy...and successful!!  I now have a Bronze medal  for the 500mm time trial on the track and The Pirate has a Silver in the Scratch (1st past the post) race. At least he had enough in his age group to have medals and jersey awarded- I was competing against 45 yrs+ women in the sprint, and 50+ women in the other events!! In theory it is arranged in 5 year age groups.   When I think of all those still riding, but who don't ride the National Masters all those I've ridden against who no longer ride....

We're both racing on the grass tracks, some in England and others at Highland Games events in Scotland.  It is hard work, fun and good training for the hard or wood tracks!!

Meanwhile the hunt for a working space still carries on.   I think I might just make small things and have a small kiln in a lean-to.    I'm still making berry bowls and colanders as they do sell.....when fired!!

The Summer has finally caught up with us and we've had temperatures inthe low to mid 20s for a week or two. Now the high 20s are promised within a is beginning to feel like New Zealand!!