Monday, 31 May 2021

Wood walk

 We met up with one of Pirate's daughters and her family and went for a walk in the woods with their dog and possibly slightly hungover teenage son....the party the night before went on until at least 4am.....

We had to pass the Bath and West showground on our way and luckily we were going the direction we over five mile queue of cars, many will have been waiting to go in to the Flea Market...there will have been a similar queue at the carrier from the other direction plus the traders' entrance.

I know life and commerce has to pick up again, but.....

Anyway we had our walk and returned via some nice quiet lanes afterwards.

A good use of concrete rubble, better than landfill
My bro

Green in the midst of housing schemes

1586...and 1986...

That way!

Another owl box
Longhorn cattle

Then we had lunch in a local garden cooking or washing up

Saturday, 29 May 2021

Heading south

 We travelled south yesterday, by car, and did 424 the same time that it takes to fly from Dubai to Melbourne!! Had we gone on the M5 to go past Bristol, there was nearly standing traffic from far north of Bristol to Weston super mare and it would have taken far longer!! We had enough stops and leg stretches, but it was one heck of a long day!!

What is more it goes dark an hour earlier here!!

We saw two interesting bird sculptures in Hereford.

Not far from the cider museum there. Excuse the image quality, but worth seeing. Hopefully we may get a chance to have a better look on another trip. I would like to go around the museum as well when it reopens.

Another sight we saw....

You would think that would be better in the car boot not on it? Also it is illegal as the numberplate is obscured. 

Going through Bristol, as we headed the centre, you would not have thought that the past eighteen months had happened. No masks, nobody with their own social space.  I don't think that we will be going to any crowded city or even town in the near future.

Today we did walk to Yeovil town centre, but the atmosphere was different. 

Some others on the street wearing is such a fuss taking it on and off each shop..but no-one crowding us in of out of shops. 

Pirate, myself and my brother celebrated with a glass of local cider and kumera chips with mayo! It was good to relax in the sun and see a few corners of the town. It is quite a while since any of us had seen the place!

We walked past where there used to be a lovely old demolished and they have built houses for local people. However they have kept the old arched gateway and put in new railings to match, as the old ones were rusted.

And a walk back through a park...

And in the tall cedar if you look carefully is an owl box...that would have been a job getting that up there!

Friday, 28 May 2021

Day with added photos!

 To Dundee for an hour riding on the only velodrome open in Scotland...

A foggy start until we reached the other side of Glasgow. 

What was shocking was the number of drivers without lights, just imagine grey car on a grey road in fog.....and how much unsafe overtaking...for example just before a blind bend... manoeuvre completed seconds before the incoming car arrived....

It was a sunny return drive, and we kept off busy roads as much as we could.

The ride on the track was good..only three of us this time, but good craic and coffee afterwards as well!

I have the same problem as many no photos today

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Gardening catch-up!

 It is a lovely day today, the best we have had for a while...after stocking up on a few garden necessities we got on with planting out and repotting.

This is the garden so far, back and front.

A bit scruffy, but the weather has been chilling and buffeting us so far.