Friday, 14 May 2021

Grow, grow.....


So far so good...far behind what we would expect, but as weather patterns change we have to work with them.

In the front garden we have a newcomer ....Ladies Smock! In a rough meadow type edge.

In another meadow patch the creamy yellow orchids' leaves are appearing...two places so far. The edge shrubs are coming along..I will try and photograph them tomorrow.

Other news..good news I have bought a secondhand Adana is to collect it for me, luckily it is not too far from where he lives. I don't think I would trust that to a courier.So I will be able to print the backs of cards without battling with the computer and the printer!!

Bad news but not unexpected.. pirate's PSA count is rising again, which means his prostate cancer is creeping back again. He will be back on the hormone therapy again we think. The next check in three months will decide that, we think.

Positively, we have had seven more years than if he had had no treatment from 2013.

And also the therapy will keep him ok all being well.


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The bike shed said...

The other day we were walking at Pontypool and I noticed this delicate flower - what is that I thought? Lady's smock - what else! Evidently, it's also called Cuckoo-flower.

Fresca said...

Oh, my--so much news in this post.

I'm sorry Pirate's PSA is up, but all thanks to scientists for such improved cancer treatments!

And to humans who kept plugging away at ways to print letters (and pictures)--excited for your letterpress---that will make a beautiful imprint on the back of cards.

Your gardening totally impresses non-gardener me.

Continue on!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Good news about the Pirate - well hopefully so in the long run. Wonderful how they can pick these things up these days - so best wishes.

When we lived on the farm our meadows were full of Ladies' Smock - a delight. The other thing they had in profusion was Birds' Foot Trefoil.

Barbara Rogers said...

wonderful little baby plants and looks like at least one strawberry! You all have sure had lots of bad weather this spring. Hope your weekend is enjoyable!

Debby said...

I am sorry to read this. My best thoughts to Pirate and to you.

Steve Reed said...

I hope things go OK for Pirate. The growing things look good, although ours are very behind, too. A few years ago my foxgloves were three times the size they are now, at the same time of the season.