Tuesday, 27 September 2011


and the water is low.
I was sure I'd get more than this from six pounds of pears and two huge onions....

Saturday, 24 September 2011

garden construction

New compost bin...nice and tidy for the Winter and all my own work!!

With the Equinox has come some warmer weather with a pleasant light breeze, ideal for gardening. I've been sitting on my old milk crate, steadily weeding, and realised...I need somewhere to put this!!

saviac wheel

This is the SAVIAC wheel, designed by David Ballantyne (1913-1990) of Poole Pottery in Dorset,England. It is a collaboration between a potter and an engineer.
My version is not, I think one of the geared models, but with its cast iron flywheel it has good momentum.

Search After Values In An age of Crisis.

I would like to know more about why he named them thus, but it is suitable for the "interesting" times we live in.

No, that wheel wasn't cleaned especially for the photos! Unlike some people, I prefer to work clean, throw with slip and put any slop clay separate ready to be recycled.
No point in making work and wasting time!

Friday, 23 September 2011


I'm enjoying working in the walled garden!
nearly ready.....
Today is the Equinox.

Gathering on the Common. I had to turn off the car engine and wait- no bother. Good to sit with window open and breathe the mountain air

Thursday, 22 September 2011

memories and fears

I hear your breath in the wind that surfs through the trees.

As I walk I hear your footsteps beside me, feel my hand in yours as your ponies greet me.

When I'm picking mulberries in the walled garden you admired, I feel the sunshine
of your smile in the warmth of the sun on my back.

As my work develops naturally in the way you thought it should I can hear your criticism and approval.

As the rain drops gently on my hands I remember you saying,
Find someone who loves you like I do, who can care for you.

I am afraid to. How can I know when to trust as we trusted each other.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

quick visit to Newport

my favourite place in the market.....

walk by the Usk

The man who built the local big house, also planted an arboretum
If you click to enlarge the picture you'll see the large hole at the centre of the bridge- the water was over that during the last big floods, and on both approaches to the bridge there are several tunnels underneath for floodwaters.

The fields around here are "Glebelands", a natural floodplain and therefore very fertile
The large holes in the old riverbank are sand marten nests, the small ones where woodpeckers forage for insects
the local swan family....at a distance!!
Looking towards Abergavenny and the Blorenge mountain.

Sand and gravel excavations

Oxbow lake
the old river bed. In 1959 the river moved about 100 yards Westwards. As the property boundary is the river, one landowner profited!
A baby Giant puffball- which was delicious...and most of which is ready in the freezer!!
Mistletoe ready for celebrations!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I went on a day out looking at other galleries today, as it was the last day of Herefordshire Art week.
I saw the sign above...

and up this alley

found this!!

and a very nice (expensive!!) shop, which is worth seeing if only for the buildings.

out again..
and up Church Street and its slippery small cobbles, to the Weavers' Shed Gallery on the left..
past this lovely door on the right.
Hereford was visited too, and Wobage on the way back to the Court Cupboard.

Unfortunately only the jewellery sold today in the pop up shop, (but good for them!) but I think more people know about us and where we are, so that is good.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


"Round and round the mulberry bush..."
Yellow rasberries..
and red ones
We think that this could be a sort of walnut, but I'm not sure....it has a citrussy hint to the smell on the fruit..we must cut one open

Whilst gardening, the cats keep an eye on me..

just leaving for home.