Sunday, 18 September 2011


I went on a day out looking at other galleries today, as it was the last day of Herefordshire Art week.
I saw the sign above...

and up this alley

found this!!

and a very nice (expensive!!) shop, which is worth seeing if only for the buildings.

out again..
and up Church Street and its slippery small cobbles, to the Weavers' Shed Gallery on the left..
past this lovely door on the right.
Hereford was visited too, and Wobage on the way back to the Court Cupboard.

Unfortunately only the jewellery sold today in the pop up shop, (but good for them!) but I think more people know about us and where we are, so that is good.


Andrea Ingram said...

You are getting about a bit!

red dirt girl said...

Love the tinsmiths' signage, but I want to meet Miss 'Behavin' Badly!!


gz said...

Andrea it is good to travel more, but I still feel guilty having days off!

yeractual said...

Hi, I know Ledbury fairly well - have firneds who live there, used to be in Church Close. But I don't know where this place is located. Must check it out next time I'm over. It's a pleasant sort of place , as is Hereford, another town that was once my local metropolis! It's good to have a day out now and again. Put it down to market research! Best.

gz said...

The pub to the left of the entrance is "The Retreat"...and the building to the right of the entrance used to be the Ironmongers and "everything shop"

Compostwoman said...

Oh! That is "my" town! I live 4 miles away!

It is a fab little Market town - we love it.

gillyflower said...

Ledbury looks a good place to visit for both pottering and galleries.
How nice to get out and about - I seem to be homebased at the moment sorting out a stream of repairs/maintenance/neglected houseworky stuff - so time consuming and boring!
Glad to hear you're back in your groove and have fired up the kiln again!
Gill xx