Tuesday, 20 September 2011

walk by the Usk

The man who built the local big house, also planted an arboretum
If you click to enlarge the picture you'll see the large hole at the centre of the bridge- the water was over that during the last big floods, and on both approaches to the bridge there are several tunnels underneath for floodwaters.

The fields around here are "Glebelands", a natural floodplain and therefore very fertile
The large holes in the old riverbank are sand marten nests, the small ones where woodpeckers forage for insects
the local swan family....at a distance!!
Looking towards Abergavenny and the Blorenge mountain.

Sand and gravel excavations

Oxbow lake
the old river bed. In 1959 the river moved about 100 yards Westwards. As the property boundary is the river, one landowner profited!
A baby Giant puffball- which was delicious...and most of which is ready in the freezer!!
Mistletoe ready for celebrations!!


yeractual said...

Hi, Nice pix. I recognise the spot, as it happens. The old former coach house to the big house used to be owned by a guy I knew. He was an Alvis car nut with a specialist renovation/repair business just outside Abergavenny. I used to take that little road home some summer evenings, from Usk on the backroad to join the Raglan Road then in towards Abergavenny. Hope you had a nice day out.

gz said...

knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised if you knew the friend who showed me the walk!!

Jo said...

Love the puffball!