Tuesday, 13 September 2011

skillshare weekend, Mullacott Farm, 10/11 September

After a delayed start, due to the allotment society AGM (I couldn't really miss that!), I went to Mullacott Farm near Ilfracombe in Devon...to meet a "bunch of internet wierdos" to quote one of them!!

Downsizer is a forum for a sustainable and ethical future...but it isn't dry and ultra serious....it is like an online village..with all the arguments, discussions, helping each other, romance....of a real live village!!

We meet mostly online, but we also meet for real as well. This weekend was a Skillshare, wood whittling and knife sharpening, chicken wrangling, bacon making, tatting, foraging, knitting, paper making, plenty of discussion and lots of homemade food !!
The Oily One came too and I was really glad to share the driving. It is only about 130 miles from here, and takes about two and threequarter hours.
We arrived in sunshine on Saturday afternoon. On Friday lunchtime they had a thunderstorm, and half an hour before we arrived one tent succumbed to the wind!!
The occupants decided to use the bunk barn on Saturday night!!
We pitched the tent, choosing the dryest available pitch...not knowing that that was where the other tent had just blown down!! The front guyropes were tied to a solid fencepost, the rear to the car roof bars. A bank sheltered one side and the car the end. So we didn't take off Saturday night, just flapped a bit!!

On the Saturday night there was a "batwalk" with a bat detector, whilst others had a Barn Dance.

On Sunday we went on a foraging walk, but didn't forage as it was rather wet!!
We found some real Devon mud!
and a tunnel!!
and the Oily One (in the red coat)
found an interesting wall
by Lower Slade reservoir
we passed a wind turbine on the way back.
and saw a Devon bank as we returned to Mullacott Farm
just in time for lunch!!


yeractual said...

Looks like you had an enjoyable, interesting and - dare it be said - different sort of weekend. The pix are great, looks lovely - esp that night sky!

Hawthorn said...

Oh what a lovely weekend, I have a soft spot for Devon - glad you had a good time x

Mouse said...

sounds like just my cup of tea!

Kath said...

What lovely photos. I've always wanted to go on a bat walk!

herhimnbryn said...

What a blast!

Love that curling wall.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I like your neck of the woods...what do you think the purpose of the curly wall was? (Besides looking very pretty!)


Always fancied a bit of chicken wrangling myself! Great post. Shame about all that mud.

madpotter1 said...

what a great tribe of folk :)

love the pictures!

gz said...

Kerry, not sure about the curly wall- but it does have paving slabs on the tail end, it could be a seat.

Michèle Hastings said...

that is a really neat wall! great pics as usual.

goatman said...

I am having trouble envisioning "chicken wrangling"; and what is "bat detecting"?
Sounds like a wonderful get-together. Folks sharing their skills and interests. Wish I was there . . .
Thanks for the visit to my lowly posting. goatman

gz said...

Chicken wrangling- I think (as I missed the Saturday morning) it involved much discussion by those who kept chickens, plus despatching some ready for roasting, swapping eggs for hatching and much more!
Bat detecting, you carry a small battery run box which detects their calls and translates them to a frequency that human can hear