Thursday, 30 July 2020

Busy..but not as intended

It rained again, so we got busy, Pirate on his new bike build..going steadily...and after collecting a new (to me)chest of drawers I got most of my knitting and sewing into them.
I say most...there are still three boxes of cloth stash and mending on top..and a jumper waiting to be finished on top of a dresser!
Then it was the turn of the study, as my friend who runs the secondhand emporium had managed to find a book press for me...and £30 less than I had feared I would have to pay.
Still not cheap...but I am looking forward to printing with less strain on my hands.
Still everything stacked up but more organised and two useable tables.
Then as the bats flew outside, a plane flew into Prestwick Airport, and the sun set, and I could catch a glimpse of Goat Fell on Aran between the houses.

I had intended to bake it was , it was home style fast food all day! Lunch came from garden, freezer and larder and supper from garden,salad,  eggs from a neighbour and cooked potatoes. No point in making extra work.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

It rained...

 We couldn't work I the garden and it was miserable we had a trip to Castle Douglas to deliver an old clock to be mended then on to see friends for a cuppa. By then the torrential rain had lifted. That called for a detour to Loch Doon and a short walk

 Before the weather came in again!
Supper was reduced! With garden additions


Sunday, 26 July 2020

A garden afternoon

After a morning washing and drying and ironing, now that the machine is functioning with a new door catch (and new motor brushes on the way) it was good to have a friend visit. A walk around Hannahston, Pirate and him sharing tea from the billycan, then supper together with most of the veges from the garden.
Sad that he wasn't feeling 100%, so didn't stay over.

Thursday, 23 July 2020


Two new orders in...a pint saltglaze jug going to Cheshire and a vintage pair of shoeplates sold on eBay.
Keep on keeping on..The bad is outnumbered by the good I think.
The money is very handy too, bike bits bringing in money for bike bits!
Pirate's new bike is nearly ready to roll....

eBay pains

I wonder about carrying on selling by eBay.. ridiculous offers, cheeky comments..
A pair of shoes returned as the purchaser was trying to attach a pair of cleats incorrectly. 
A brake caliper sold. Well photographed to show that it was unused, pristine but incomplete. Now the purchaser expects us to supply one extra part free...

On the other hand another pot is about to start it's journey to the USA despite the hike in postage.

And again...USA has added 25% tax on prints... definitely on commercially produced prints. It looks like hand produced prints will be clear of it, but the jury is still out on photographs.

It makes one wish for cycle jumbles to start again, with all the hassle of doing them. But do we want to get back into crowds?

On the art side of things, why does my work sell abroad and not here?

Monday, 20 July 2020

July Garden

 Butter beans round the back of the workshop
 Pebbles each side of the bricks, makes them more stable and looks better
 Yellow courgettes can't hide!!
 Cucumbers hiding in the corner!
 The only aubergine to germinate... eventually!

 Windswept beans
 Alderman peas..nice big pods and a good use of space

 The willow wattle fence is coming along, the end ones are fixed, hopefully the side, split into two panels, will be removable for ease of working

 The first spare patch of earth for a while, now the garlic has been lifted. I am trying one cucumber outside, haven't decided what will go in to fill the square.
I picked what fruit there was today, and it filled a half litre box...we lost so much to wind damage, fruit and branches being blown off. 
This calls for a rethink . There are plenty of new branches that would make good cuttings, possibly we should go for cordon growing on post and wire framework?
 I could easily fill a garden twice as big!!

Friday, 17 July 2020


Eighty one today!
The chimp is Charlie...he used to sit on the right hand seat in Pirate's left hand drive campervan....
We had planned a bike ride today...but it has been raining and showering all day, so we made do with a walk in light rain.

Now I have a chocolate cake to make!

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Back Home

We returned home to two for Pirate...and one for me...

Thanks Steve, a nice welcome home from a fellow blogger, at Shadows and Light and far more interesting than catching up on washing and cleaning!
Today's other job should be mowing a lawn, but after yesterday's rain and today's damp air it looks like we will be weeding a patio and bramble clearing. We haven't had a chance to work in this garden since March and it gets overgrown the minute you turn your back!

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Take a break Wednesday

Packing up and cleaning today, and off in the road by 10am.
We followed the back road to Aviemore, one we didn't manage to ride was a bit too far for my fitness level..but it will be a good ride next time.
A steady drive to Ballinluig and sandwiches outside at a cafe there, before carrying on home. Our paths diverged at Perth, not too far on from there.
A shop stop on the further side of Glasgow, then onto smaller quieter roads to finish the journey. Almost 200 miles each way, but really worth it, riding and walking with friends , no TV, clean fresh air, no passing traffic..

Then a welcome home from the garden....

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Take a break Tuesday

It was a beautiful morning..until 6.30am!!
Then the clouds rolled in for a while, but no rain until we decided to go out in the bikes anyway!! Our friends went to Loch Garten by car then walked the dog, we rode over, and saw them just before they arrived back at the car park! Cue sunshine! We regrouped for a coffee and a cream tea in Nethy Bridge, before returning to base for lunch.
We are all having a relaxing afternoon, having decided against going shopping!
The dog is having another walk as she was getting too interested in log sawing and splitting. The 'boys' have been dealing with the firewood, now Pirate has his feet up as the grass is being mowed. Makes a good change.
I will start cooking rice and mixed veges in a minute, our contribution to supper.