Sunday, 21 May 2017

pottery progress

The stock shed is up, carpeted , shelves bought and erected.
The boxes of stock have been emptied onto the shelves, plus some of my archive work and collection.  Perhaps I ought to sell some of the latter...but when I look through it , it can be inspiring....

All the photos from New Zealand are in one file on the computer now, the next step is to sort them and edit as well.  
There is so much to do, I'm running out of time on a rainy days!  We are now catching upon the rainfall, nicely timed for planting onion sets.  Warm weather and high pressure is promised for next week and we are looking forward to that. I cannot say that I've appreciated returning to cold windy weather, even though it is now the same in New Zealand, plus snow...but at least it is getting on to Winter there!!

Friday, 12 May 2017

we're back...

But we wish we could have stayed....
We've done a lot of sorting and tidying,  grass mowing, stock shed erecting, the past week.

We've managed a few short rides out on our bikes, but being travel lagged it feels as if the brakes are on. I managed to avoid picking up a bug on the plane, but I've picked up a home grown cold..bleagh! It doesn't make feeling enthusiastic about anything very easy!!  However,it will pass, especially if we learn how to relax and get in some R & R .

We had a walk and explore around Irvine yesterday, and had ice cream, and tea in a cafe/restaurant on the harbour. Most enjoyable, and purely in the course of research ...well, partly...if any Family come to see us it is good to know where to take them.

Now I'm back online with a new modem and what looks like a good deal (surprising what the companies will do when they lose you completely for three months....)
Three months' worth of photos need sorting, Etsy seems to be changing, it is all systems go....hopefully!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Blogging has been on the back burner, as we've been busy riding bikes...and driving...I've done over 2,500 km on four wheels in the past fortnight....
The Pirate was only out of the top 6 in his World Masters events once...and then he was 7th! He won one bronze and one silver in the track events on the Avantidrome in Cambridge and I won a gold and two silvers there.
We have caught up with most of our old friends and made many new ones. If all goes well we'll be back for Summer 2018/9.......
I've managed to cook the battery of the tablet computer on top of all that... When you plug it in to re-charge, and instead of seeing a grey battery shape filling up with blue, you see a thin red line at the bottom, and a large yellow, black edged triangle with a large black exclamation mark.......I think that the battery, at least, is dead!!!!
Now we have landed back in Whanganui to return borrowed kit and say farewell for now to friends I can use the i-site computer and catch up online, before we head off home on Thursday.