Sunday, 21 May 2017

pottery progress

The stock shed is up, carpeted , shelves bought and erected.
The boxes of stock have been emptied onto the shelves, plus some of my archive work and collection.  Perhaps I ought to sell some of the latter...but when I look through it , it can be inspiring....

All the photos from New Zealand are in one file on the computer now, the next step is to sort them and edit as well.  
There is so much to do, I'm running out of time on a rainy days!  We are now catching upon the rainfall, nicely timed for planting onion sets.  Warm weather and high pressure is promised for next week and we are looking forward to that. I cannot say that I've appreciated returning to cold windy weather, even though it is now the same in New Zealand, plus snow...but at least it is getting on to Winter there!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the madness of UK weather. Even here in the Deep South (Kent) the fine weather has been elusive. This weekend has been glorious though and things are starting to grow again after pausing due to the cool dry weather for most of April.

Excellent progress on the pottery though - Well done! I expect your clay finger will start to twitch soon. Mine needs a rest - I spent the whole of yesterday demonstrating with the wheel on the pavement outside the artSpring gallery on the High Street as part of a "watch the makers" event.

Peter said...

It will be nice for you to be potting again soon and watching things grow in the garden! Brrrrr.... cold in NZ now, good frosts at night down our way, but beautiful clear cool blue sky through the day!