Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Weather warnings

Winds and rain, 70 mph gusts...not what we need to start a flight...wish us luck!

Aotearoa,here we come!

Monday, 26 November 2018

in Sunny Drongan

Nearly there

We've just had a weekend away from working towards take-off.

It didn't quite work as planned.

We gave an orchid to our friend and customer in the hills,a worthwhile detour.   Then down through the Galloway Forest and across to see Doug and Hannah at home before we go..A lovely wee house, lovely seeing the family growing and recognising pots in their pot collection...and having to choose which mug for coffee!

Then on to our friends in Dumfries.

Unfortunately instead of a Diamond Wedding party, we stayed to help and visit the lady in question in hospital.  She is just in for observation in the new hospital there...lovely bright and airy but still not where she wants to be. At least we could give her company, show her her present (the biggest platter I've ever made!) and have a big hug.

On the Sunday we helped her younger son stack firewood before going for two hours or so around the lanes from Southerness up to Dalbeattie and back on our bikes...and the sun came out for the last five miles!! Funny how often that happens on winter grey days...a beautiful hour before sunset!

Now to do the last batch of washing, return a borrowed ladder, put the mowers to bed, reserve our seats....and leave the house reasonably clean and tidy.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

planning and planting

 All ready for April...hopefully...a growing garden and bricks to build a flue support we collected the gift of bricks....sunset
 and moonrise at home after we stacked them...the moon was a more peachy rose colour...

Monday, 19 November 2018

Pitlochry weekend

 We were in Pitlochry for our cycling club's AGM,/get-together/ride. Unlike the freezing conditions of last year,when the Sunday run was cancelled due to ice, we had temperatures in double figures...just. Saturday went east...headwind out,tailwind back,very sensible. "was this going to be hilly?" I asked the routefinder....Oh no,just the first hill he said.....
The first hill was three miles and nearly 1000 feet of climbing...and I was off the back from go!
The Pirate found a cafe/gallery after nearly ten, mince pies and tailwind home!!
 On the Sunday we went out,just us two, heading West around Loch Tummel, and another coffee stop after ten miles at Tummel Bridge holiday Park.

 The old bridge, only for walkers now..and the rather unattractive new bridge. Schiehallion in the distance with her head in the clouds.

 and snowberries resplendant in the sunshine.
 looking back towards the loch from the auld brig

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

powered wheelbarrow

We've found a powered wheelbarrow a new hadn't worked for at least five years,probably more, but the tyres were still well inflated.
We cut grass and do jobs for this off grid smallholding in the hills south of here, but now her husband has died she has decided that living ten miles and more from people is too much.
House hunting hasn't gone too well for her so far..she wants to be nearer "civilization" ...but not right in the middle of it!

Our friend has taken it back to the Kingdom of Fife...

and it starts!

Now to finish restoring it and finding its history.

a breezy walk

We grabbed the weather window...and went for a walk..just around Hannahston, the local nature reserve.

We were out for an hour and as we returned the wind was rising again and the rain returning.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

cars and electronics!

After safely carrying us  about 1500 miles, a round trip of 900 miles to stay with my brother plus visiting relatives from there....the car's clutch decided that it didn't want ANY gear...but just half a mile from lucky!

We could have done without the expense only two weeks before travelling!!

Back to bus travelling bad thing,we have to use our local services or lose them.

I'm sorting through all the various "lectronic liquorice" to work out which leads and plugs to take with us,and which leads work to get pictures on here....

 perpetual motion personified...granddaughter Woodchip

a bunch of Cafe 50 in Yeovil

I'm quite proud of the papering and tiling I've repainting the gift we received of kitchen shelves.

Next to find the lead that will work with the camera that Brother has lent to me!

We're working on which bags to take...and re-checking the fine print on our internal flight, I saw that the carry on bags have to TOTAL 7kg...unlike our main flight which is 7kg plus a handbag....teaching us to travel lighter!

Friday, 9 November 2018

Shop Tidying

I've put the Etsy shop on point getting sales when I can't send items out..and cleared out all from Ebay except those being watched, and sent a nudge to the watchers. They have 8 hours to respond...

With all the nibbling off of fees for this and that I'm going off ebaying, and etsy finances are no longer simple..It is supposed to be, by combining all the ins and outs in one place and time. However monthly bills were far clearer.

I'll be able to put my mind to organising selling work when we return...hopefully!
Then I can get the bigger camera mended, may cost more to have new "brains" in a digital camera than buying a new one!   Meanwhile I have the loan of a smaller camera which will be good for travelling, and an early present of a new tablet computer so that I have less to carry..a 17" screen laptop takes a lot of room!

Time to learn how to get images from the new image takers onto the computer!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

return..and catching up.

We've seen half of my offspring and grandkids, and a third of Pirate's...sadly no grandkids...

We get accused of wanting everybody to fit in with our plans, but those saying that, ignore the fact that we are trying to fit in with all of theirs...Co-ordinating all that lot, especially when they don't give you all the information needed for planning (and complain afterwards) isn't easy!!

Full marks to those who helped .

We collected a heavy duty bike stand from near Grange over Sands..a twenty mile detour..for The OilyOne to use in his role as main mechanic for Pedalpower Cardiff. If you put an e-bike or Nextbike
on an ordinary bike stand the weight just makes it slide down,so this will make their work easier.

Presents of my jam and chutney were given and useful items passed on in various directions.
 In return I've brought back a stainless steel breadbin, small jamjars ( I run out of those as they are good for "end of batch" pots and presents) and some upholstery fabric and curtain lining fabric !

It was sad to not see everyone, but illness, inconvenience and non-communication can't be helped.
We'll just have to see them next year.  Why is it usually us that travels?  Mostly  it is because they are thankfully in work or education, so we are thankful for that.

We gave my brother's blockwork drive its annual weed and clean in return for looking after us and sharing the visiting driving whilst down with him.  Our car still racked up over 1500 miles...
But having a relaxed base where we could muck in and not have to be on "best behaviour" was marvellous!!

He is lucky to live in an area well endowed with artists of all kinds, and I had an afternoon out with him...visiting Yandles woodyard in Martock,with its wood and toolstore,craft materials shop, gallery and cafe. Then John Leach's pottery in Muchelney and Paul Jessop and Marion Lewis at Barrington Pottery..a pity that Barrington Court was itself closed, it being a Winter mid-week visit. We can earmark that for another visit! 
Brother gave Paul an order for plates...they'll fit in nicely with what he already has in the kitchen.

After a long drive home, 14 hours including a couple of traffic jams and some decent stops, we are home.

A day out straight away was vetoed..after a week away there is much washing and catching up to do.
We are running out of days to organise trip details too,although mostis falling into place nicely.