Friday 24 July 2009

weather and gardening

Rain, rain and more rain.
It is warm but feels chilly.
The rasberries don't taste as sweet as they should-all washed out and not enough sun.
The tomatoes are growing fine in the greenhouse but they are still all green.
The runner beans have started cropping at least!!
The onions are drying slowly-hope we don't get rot in them.
Ah, the joys of gardening!!

Wednesday 22 July 2009


Life with Mountain Man is good, but he wont let me go up His mountain.
Nothing to do with me-reassuring at least.

How do I get him to see that problems are made to go around?

It is lonely and noisy down here when the weather keeps him on the top.

Wednesday 15 July 2009

day out

The Geek Wizzard had his graduation day-
Large black cloak/gown, red and white 'smurf' hood and mortar board hat with tassell!

We had a lovely day out, lunch in a Cardiff arcade cafe, tenpin bowling with K (how does she organize him, I never could, lol! and she's lovely!) and The Carpenter and The Oily One.

Then a visit to a wet and windy Cardiff Bay before supper in a microbrewery in Cardiff Centre, with the addition of the Carpenter's Lady. Nice to meet her, looking forward to doing so again.

Friday 10 July 2009


At Last!!!!

The Geek Wizzard has his degree.......AND a job!!!

Wizzardly indeed.


Monday 6 July 2009

growing up

The Carpenter is growing up.

Unfortunately this now means leaving me "out of the loop" and I get accused of interfering and nagging when I try and find out information I need about something that affects me too.

Ho, Hum. Life and All That!