Wednesday, 29 May 2013

just passing....

Visiting a friend again to check tell people they'll have to phone or write, yet they still send messages online!!  

A phoneline will cost us about  £1 a day...for the massive 4.5 to 8 Mbs....but at least it will be worth it, when we can afford it!!!   So for now we'll carry on with occasional visits.
I really miss blogging, sharing thoughts and images, contacting friends all around the world.

Spring has at last Sprung here in Ayrshire, but the breeze...and sometimes strong still on the cold side.

We ventured to Yorkshire last Monday...after two hours driving in the rain The Pirate phoned a friend near Darlington...where it was nice and sunny! We left the rain behind after Appleby and Barnard Castle and had a day's grass track racing at Richmond until 4pm when the rain caught up with us again.
It was my first effort at racing on is very unforgiving, strength sapping, hard work but also  fun!  A very good way to get fit for racing on a wooden track.

I first went to watch the grass track racing at Richmond in 1957, when we lived above a bike shop on the A1 in the middle of Darlington. 
I saw Reg Harris racing, but what I remember vividly was seeing the sun and moon in the same sky!!
The next time was last year, to help the Pirate race there.  Then we had a bit of all sorts of weather, including a snow shower!!

Monday, 20 May 2013


We have sun today!!  (but also hailstorms forecast....)

The Pirate is busy mowing, and I'm checking emails at a friend's house.   Still no news on the job front, but my pots ARE  selling in Crochendy Twrog in Maentwrog.

This is the shop with the pottery, run by Gill Owen and Trefor Owen.  The even better news is that Trefor is back throwing pots once more (at 76 I think).

So if you are between Porthmadog and Blaenau Ffestiniog and see the sign up in the large layby....go visit, it is well worth it.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I'm here in South job as yet, and no benefits have to go through the steps,  Yes, I knew I wouldn't get the first type based on contributions.....but you have to follow the system and can't miss a step.

It feels like a Snakes and Ladders game at times.  I want to support myself, but until I can it gets stressful.  It is like treading a minefield and the wrongly worded or phrased answer can get you back "down the snake" instead of "up the ladder". Even if you're still giving the same information that phrased the "correct" way would mean success.    Ho, Hum....

Still, despite cold (hailstorms!) wet and windy weather the earth is warming and smells good, House Martins are on the wires and the woodpecker is drumming.
We're getting out by car and by bike to see friends and places.

I've applied for a gallery job, but age might tell against me, even though it shouldn't.
I've got the job experience, but no degree....

Blogging will be intermittent until we can get a landline....