Monday 30 December 2019


Waning moon, waning year.
New year tomorrow..let's hope for better. New moon on 6 January.


The blue with safety pins has been superceded by night sky blue with stars and comets.
Work is proceeding.....

Saturday 28 December 2019

Owen Mapp exhibition

The exhibition is at present in the part of the local gallery in the same building as the isite in Whanganui.
I think it may be a travelling exhibition.... hopefully as more will be able to see it.
Marvellous work


Pirate had a hard track session yesterday morning, this morning we were out on the road.
Only four of us plus the coach (who does outrider on his motorbike for us) but others called,/wind!
A nice run up Long acre...I ride to where it gets steeper, still nearly 10km up the valley, they went another 2,km...
I stood and listened to the birds!!
There is talk of an easy track session tomorrow, just practising technical things.
The wind is quite high and blustery... possibly the effect of a cyclone near Fiji.
Time for a well earned siesta...and maybe some cutting for patchwork....

Thursday 26 December 2019

Cemetery Circuit motorbike street racing Whanganui

A long hot dry day... thankfully as they run whatever the weather!!
An experience....and meeting friends there made it a very good day indeed.

Wednesday 25 December 2019

Whanganui Christmas

The meal preparation was teamwork..the food was good, the company enjoyable.
Then in the evening we had a walk up to the Dublin Bridge crossed over the river and back to the City Bridge to cross back and head for home.  A good end to the day, capped by the Tui calling as the sun set.

Sunday 22 December 2019

Whanganui inspiration and life

 Whanganui has some beautiful tiles and paving both old and new.
After a chilly (comparatively) start to the day, we met up with about forty other rides for the Christmas run from one of thehe local shops.
Just the same run as we did yesterday but split into three groups.
Fast, others and e bikes.
A pleasant ride, a drink and sausage sizzle afterwards..not for us, but we enjoyed the company.
After lunch we joined a small group of friends at the velodrome and Pirate joined their training session and I had a wander around town.
I helped make supper, then we saw the solstice sunset.
The camera

Saturday 21 December 2019

A good day

A good day with friends yesterday.
An hour or more on a local road, up a valley by the Whanganui river and up a hill to the gravel...and back. Good company.
A little shopping, picking up a few more squares of different patchwork material, some nice shampoo...then coffee in the I site where other friends happened to be...not their usual coffee stop!
A wander round the usual Riverside I would shop here regularly if I lived here!
Then "home"...and dash out to catch a baker before he closed for Christmas...and buy a huge Christmas cake as a gift and contribution!
I did three washes in the afternoon, catching up on a week and a half before I ran out of clean clothes! They were drying so fast on the line, all the ironing was done too...and yet someone else staying there was using the tumble dryer.....
A day topped off by supper with friends up the hill.