Monday, 24 August 2009


The tomatoes are cleared out of the greenhouse now- thanks to Late Blight it is only half a harvest, but what there is, is good.
The greenhouse is now full of pepper and chili plants as it is warmer than the plastic mini-greenhouse.
The sunflowers are HUGE!! Some well over eight foot tall- I am dreading the storms on Wednesday. Next year they will have hefty stakes, eight foot bamboo is too short and not strong enough!!
The pumpkins are quietly lurking under their leaves, and the corn isn't quite as "high as an elephant's eye"....well, a baby elephant perhaps!!

I have had a week away being a cycling I need dry weather so that I can attack the weeds!!!!


I have been out on my "new" road bike- thankyou Carpenter!! (and Oily One too)

There is too much of me- but it will reduce steadily as the miles unfold.

Monday, 10 August 2009


The kitchen is busy dealing with the harvest!!!!

Onions, potatoes, tomatoes, all sorts of berries and now the apples are joining in (and don't forget the runner beans!!)

The so called 'waste of space' is running out....I need more jars and bottles!!!

It is a relief to see the store cupboard filling up.

Meanwhile the Carpenter has a possibility of work but not a job- better than nothing.

The Geek Wizzard has found a home- good- perhaps I'll be able to reclaim a corner of my house when he moves his stuff!!

The Oily One carries on accumulating oily stuff- he needs to reduce his bits of car!!

I keep on dreaming of a tidy sorted HOME!!!!- Perhaps I'll have to move out myself and leave them to it!!!!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Another wet day

Just when we need some sun!

The Carpenter is on his high horse-' mother' is offending him- but if he doesn't say what he wants or feels, I'm into guessing- and I'm not good at that.

Let us hope he gets work soon, for all our sakes.