Tuesday, 24 May 2022

A long day

today we had a long day, starting with nearly 70 miles through Glasgow to Falkirk, for the life celebration of one of my cycling team's founding members...a much better description than funeral...and he was a modest man with a long and distinguished  palmares in cycling and employment.

Then over to near Bathgate, Edinburgh, for a meal and people sharing memories.

I had written out the route instructions for Pirate...that kept him busy!!

It was a really beautiful day for his send off...a few showers and a rainbow when we finally arrived home.

On the last leg we passed this bing (spoil tip)...it's the end one of about five left in a group on the edge of West Calder.

Not coal...but the remnants of processed oil shale....I was very fortunate to spot the one stopping place by a farm gate, to stop and take this image.

Supper super view

 We treated ourselves to a takeaway supper on Monday evening....and a beautiful place to eat, simply in a layby eating in the car!!

Such views. Starting with looking north to the Bens , over to Arran then past Arran to the Mull of Kintyre.

You have to be a little further along the road and a little higher to see Ireland.

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Getting back....and hacked!

 Yesterday we had our first bike ride for a while. Car to the prom at Prestwick, then along the bike route for about five miles. We turned back when we would have had to do a section on the open road...busy Saturday traffic was not inviting.

We managed to dodge the drips, waiting for a shower to pass before starting and hardly got wet atall. Home again to an unexpected sunny afternoon, and after lunch we did a little work on the construction.

One hand was really complaining by the morning.. possibly adding a little pipe lagging to the handlebars may be needed. However with the use of Aloe Vera gel with MSM today my well worn hands are back to their normal!!

The bad news is that my Instagram account was hacked and hijacked...one minute you are having a conversation with a friend, then you carry on and in the interim she was hacked..to have to check the veracity of the sender of every small message....

Instagram have been no help atall..so I have opened a new account....for now. I think that a return to using Flickr is called for.

I have been talking to my webmaster...aka brother....and he agrees that a new website is in order.. I may stop using Etsy eventually as it doesn't work for me.

So fresh start.....and a walk around Hannahston while the sun shone

A modicum of decluttering took place this rainy afternoon, while I tried to think of what I wanted to do first with printing.   Probably get back to drawing...back to basics all round it is then

Thursday, 19 May 2022



The workshop construction progresses..slabs down and mortared, wood cut to size and painted..now drying.
The bean sticks are up and runner beans planted..now it really looks like a garden!!
The garlic and shallots are growing well, better than the onions.
I have sown seeds, carrots, radish and beetroot.

Our neighbour opposite is back home but on end of life care...stage four cancer but at least pain free with no meds. 
He asked for me to make a bread pudding. These days I won't use the oven for one or two items...so I baked a batch!! I used a couple of wartime recipes. Quite apt for the times we are in, with 9% and rising inflation and supply problems......

Monday, 16 May 2022

Going up the Doon



The dam was built in 1935...and the medieval castle five mile up the valley was resited above the road along the lochside.

We went for a walk down Ness Glen....which starts with a lot of up, as the Riverside path has been flooded.

The path had been changed and no longer led to the dark skies centre... possibly as they did have vandalism problems in the remote centre.
We ended up further down the glen. Here there is a lovely bridge, and then we made a loop back to the road and back across the dam to the car.

No. Not a dinosaur..its a tree root!!

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Going Industrial

We looked up as advised...

A day out with my brother as he had never been round this fascinating museum.

Every sort of craft is here.... you could spend hours here and want more!

Lunch in the museum cafe...which has improved greatly!! Then a walk by the old harbour followed by a gelato...proper Italian ice-cream from Vanilla Joe's!!