Wednesday, 13 November 2019


I have chosen nine books from the collection..I will use them and cherish them.

Perhaps I should look at my own collection and wonder how many could be passed on to another good home.
I keep on trying, but they are all good old friends, holding useful information, good memories and all cry out to be kept!

In move after move in the past twenty years I have had to reduce their number, but I still seem to have a lot...

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Garden construction

Last minute garden building...the bed nearly has all of its edging, and we have a new waterbutt..which is getting on for full after 24 hours rain...and off a not very big shed roof!
Meanwhile I sorted out our will vote postally by proxy for us...relief! People have fought and died for the right so we should use it.
I have been sent a list by a late friend's brother, of what is left of his book collection (family and closest friends have had their choices already). We have been offered to choose books....such a difficult task. Many I have already read... choosing bedtime reading when staying at Garden Cottage sometimes took over half an hour there was so much choice!
It is two and a half years since Big Pete died...too soon...and the best I can do is think What would he think I should choose.....

Monday, 11 November 2019

Still drawing

Hopefully I will manage to keep drawing on our travels.
It has been blowing a hoolie and now it's alternately raining and hailing.
One week from today and we should be airborne. If there was a more ecological way of traveling we would do least we don't yoyo round the world frequently....we stay at least 3 months!

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Getting there

Garlic and leeks in...bed sides nearly finished, with most of the beds ready for onion sets and broad beans.

Today we had a day off, dentist for me to mend a small hole, then off to Peebles to have supper with a friend..our last chance to see him before we head off, so worth the 140 mile round trip!
We have decided that next time we meet there we will stay overnight and have a proper look around the town!

Back to gardening tomorrow if weather permits, and starting bag packing.

Sunday, 3 November 2019


Despite intermittent damping/light drizzle, much gardening has been done today .
The compost has been moved from the bin, into a spare bin and covered. Two of the six bags I filled yesterday went on one side of the cleared out polytunnel...and the bed was covered so that I don't return to even more weeding!
Pirate is mixing the free municipal compost with bought topsoil..and that goes over the area that has had carpet over it to kill off the weeds.
Next dry day the onions and garlic and broad beans go in.
Hopefully Tuesday.  If they do well that's good, as for the past few years we have been having dry Springs. Sowing in the Autumn has meant that the plants have established themselves enough to cope with a dry spell.
We did some tidying..but not too much as the frogs and toads need safe space from the local bird population!

It is coming together steadily and beginning to look like a proper garden at last!


Stalled.....and Turn It Off And On Again did not work.

Ah well, less weight to carry, and we made do with the old tablet last trip...this will have to be site when I see Brother year 🙁

Saturday, 2 November 2019 home!

Despite the wetness, gardening jobs have to be up to date!!
I managed to weed 2x3metres ready for planting, then started emptying a compost bin...we have sprouting  avocados!!!!

Pirate managed a bike ride today, rode over to Mauchline to pay a bill and explored some new lanes on the way home.
I just dealt with the apple mountain!!
There are 28 bottles of Apple juice on the racks, and lots of apples cut up, bagged, boxed and frozen.
The "new" fridge freezer, turned up just in was in a shed where we were working in Dumfries....and it wasn't we exchanged it for the gardening work.

Now we are both tired....