Saturday, 1 August 2020

Long day out

We were off in the car by nine, not just bikes, lunch and kit packed, but coffee, bananas, nibbles, towels .....
A hundred mile drive to Tyndrum where we were to liaise with a group of friends who were riding the West Highland Way, a route for walkers, cyclists and horse riders from Fort William to Glasgow.
After some miserable chilly and mainly wet weather we are were glad to see a forecast of a pleasant dry day, hopefully not too hot for the riders.
We arrived with time to spare and had time for a cup of coffee while we waited.  
They arrived before too long, but had had a few mechanicals, punctures and were one man down with a dislocated finger and broken brake lever...luckily not too far from Fort William. The ride so far had taken them much longer than expected, due to a steady they called it a day!
We supplied rubdowns where needed, bananas and coffee, before having our lunch. 
Our friends had parked one car in Tyndrum, and loaded it with bikes and bodies to return to the campsite in Fort William for showers and much-needed rest!!  The other half of the Way will have to wait.
We drove five miles up the road, turned off and found a safe place to park.
A few photos first before heading down Glen Orchy on a beautiful single track road.

Off down the road, with a head wind... hopefully a tailwind back!

Then a surprise..we met a friend who we haven't seen for two years! He is a cyclist and an artist and teaches at the Glasgow School of does his partner whom we met for the first time. They were having a walking and swimming holiday in their nice old campervan.
On and on by the river down Glen Orchy, wondering do we turn back soon as we have to come back up this lot!
Then before we knew it we were almost at the main road to Oban and it was time to turn and retrace our wheeltracks.

Our hearts sank as the wind was in our faces, unexpectedly and it began to rain lightly. However as it was quite warm it was welcome, cooled us down and dried as soon as it landed!
I only walked a short section of one hill...but that energised my legs and onwards and upwards..
And back to the car after twenty miles!!
A quick change ,a bite to eat then escape from the midges and head for home.
Unfortunately that was the idea of a great many others and by the time we were halfway down Loch Lomond at Luss we were in a traffic jam, first and second gear, creep a few lengths then stop..for an hour..and then it rained heavily, with added thunder and lightning!!
We thought that it must be due to an accident..but when we arrived at the roundabout where the road goes to a dual jam!! Simply excess traffic flow.
Another fifty miles and we were home by 9.30. Tired but satisfied.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Busy..but not as intended

It rained again, so we got busy, Pirate on his new bike build..going steadily...and after collecting a new (to me)chest of drawers I got most of my knitting and sewing into them.
I say most...there are still three boxes of cloth stash and mending on top..and a jumper waiting to be finished on top of a dresser!
Then it was the turn of the study, as my friend who runs the secondhand emporium had managed to find a book press for me...and £30 less than I had feared I would have to pay.
Still not cheap...but I am looking forward to printing with less strain on my hands.
Still everything stacked up but more organised and two useable tables.
Then as the bats flew outside, a plane flew into Prestwick Airport, and the sun set, and I could catch a glimpse of Goat Fell on Aran between the houses.

I had intended to bake it was , it was home style fast food all day! Lunch came from garden, freezer and larder and supper from garden,salad,  eggs from a neighbour and cooked potatoes. No point in making extra work.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

It rained...

 We couldn't work I the garden and it was miserable we had a trip to Castle Douglas to deliver an old clock to be mended then on to see friends for a cuppa. By then the torrential rain had lifted. That called for a detour to Loch Doon and a short walk

 Before the weather came in again!
Supper was reduced! With garden additions


Sunday, 26 July 2020

A garden afternoon

After a morning washing and drying and ironing, now that the machine is functioning with a new door catch (and new motor brushes on the way) it was good to have a friend visit. A walk around Hannahston, Pirate and him sharing tea from the billycan, then supper together with most of the veges from the garden.
Sad that he wasn't feeling 100%, so didn't stay over.

Thursday, 23 July 2020


Two new orders in...a pint saltglaze jug going to Cheshire and a vintage pair of shoeplates sold on eBay.
Keep on keeping on..The bad is outnumbered by the good I think.
The money is very handy too, bike bits bringing in money for bike bits!
Pirate's new bike is nearly ready to roll....

eBay pains

I wonder about carrying on selling by eBay.. ridiculous offers, cheeky comments..
A pair of shoes returned as the purchaser was trying to attach a pair of cleats incorrectly. 
A brake caliper sold. Well photographed to show that it was unused, pristine but incomplete. Now the purchaser expects us to supply one extra part free...

On the other hand another pot is about to start it's journey to the USA despite the hike in postage.

And again...USA has added 25% tax on prints... definitely on commercially produced prints. It looks like hand produced prints will be clear of it, but the jury is still out on photographs.

It makes one wish for cycle jumbles to start again, with all the hassle of doing them. But do we want to get back into crowds?

On the art side of things, why does my work sell abroad and not here?