Monday, 14 June 2021

Walk to the old mill

 We walk down the hill to the bridge by the old mill...Millmannoch means middle mill..there is a good article on it in see Dippers. 

The water was so low, and no birds to see that way...but the local agri contractor was working on his machines...they have been working flat out mowing, turning and carrying for silage this past couple of days....and it rained last night.

We had a look over the other side of the bridge just in time to see a mallard and her six ducklings...too quick to photograph!!

Then back home, as the wind is "bracing" hot summer day today!!

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Morning walk and gardening


We managed a pre breakfast walk...not as early as I wanted, didn't get out until 8...but just in time as after we arrived home it got cloudy and the wind has been up all day.

We have just been pottering for the rest of the day..pirate fettling bikes, me potting up plants big and small, and filling the waterbutts from the tap.

Not something I like doing, as our water is chloraminated, but by having the flow of water hit the inside of the butt as it goes in, the chemicals can smell it.

The water should be acceptable to use tomorrow. It will affect the plant growth, but better slow growth than no growth or dead plants.  

Where things have to stay in pots I am moving them to bigger pots as they will stay moist for longer.

Pirate should be finishing his siesta any minute and then we have a ride  into Ayr...we forgot to post a birthday card yesterday, and the only way to get it there in time is to get in the box at the sorting office . Then it will go by early post first thing tomorrow.

I could just leave him to sleep on...but he did ask to be woken this time!!

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Getting home

 Breaking the journey made good sense...safer than doing 370 miles on a hot busy day!

Again it meant we could add leisurely stops.

We arrived home to nearly empty waterbutts..our farmworker neighbour had been diligently watering the small plants and pots and making sure that the greenhouse plants didn't roast!!

Now we are up to date with the washing and the lawn has been mown....and both neighbours lawns too, as a thankyou.  

Our back lawn camping patch

Front lawn and meadow
One orchid back in the meadow patch
The lupins looking after themselves!

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Travelling home...part one

 Carpenters Lady insisted....we are splitting the homeward journey with a stopover at Wigan...which meant we could have a leisurely journey to Hay on Wye for coffee and a wander, having a look at where I sold my work in the Butter Market every Thursday.

A lovely picnic lunch provided for us by her too....really looking after us!!

A short congested motorway hop then early supper and watching "Spring watch" on BBC 2...our first TV watching since leaving home nearly two weeks ago....and we don't really miss it.

I know who runs this shop...and it is quality!!
By the butter cross
Rooves..or is it roofs? And a good sign!!

Sad news...the post office didn't apparently like the person who was willing to buy the premises and run the post no post office in the future and already no bank...just one building society.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Doing as much as we can.

A cat's life!
First bed finished, then a break
Second bed on the way while I put up bean sticks and sowed the beans

 There are dwarf French beans almost ready to go in here. 

Carpenter and lady are doing so much for others at the moment, but next week on they can concentrate on their own house and garden. What we have done will give them a good start.

Then a well deserved nap before a late lunch and shopping ready for the trip home to Scotland.

More gardening

 Weedbusting and a start on digging yesterday...and there will be more this morning too!

Woodchip is back in school after half term holidays, and the Carpenter was busy delivering furniture. This morning they are doing the finishing touches to the house they are decorating for a friend.

Sunday, 6 June 2021


 Today was the Carpenter's 32nd birthday..this morning he was wallpapering for a friend with his wife while we went up the allotment with their daughter (my granddaughter) "Woodchip" to clear some of the weeds on their allotment.

Then lunch out together en famille to celebrate followed by a relaxed afternoon...apart from keeping up with the washing!!