Sunday, 11 April 2021

Dodging snow showers... successfully


Doon Valley

A short detour to see Dalcairnie falls

Fank Ewe ? (Sorry.. couldn't resist that one!)
We walked to the top..
A side road
Going back down..snow showers all around, but we had a stunning sunny walk.

More snow


I am thinking of a new local print...although the best viewpoint would probably be from twenty foot up in the air!  Artistic licence will have to be used......

Printing is not going so well..fine line cuts are not showing....I had thought to use water based ink to get some cards out quickly....back to oil based ink and waiting for it to dry!

And then just as we thought Spring was snows..

More snow on the hills by this morning, frosty grass and all the birds' drinking water frozen..but bright sun so there is hope of a bike ride later.

I just want to get on with everything, but at the moment both gardening and art feel like one step forward two steps back....

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Half tidy

 Just don't look at the other half...yet!

Slow progress

 Checking back on the frogs to be...

Hoping the herons don't find them!

It was a better day, but very windy, so we kept to the shelter of trees and hedges on Monday.

Despite the cold wind, a little sun brings things along.

 And it has been so cold...other places have had snow, we have just had at least five degrees of windchill!!

It really saps energy...add a shopping trip on Tuesday and I got little done!

One achievement....after having been given a carrier bagful of wild Garlic....

Pesto!!!! I made it vegan, using nutritional yeast flakes instead of cheese... good to have a great recipe, and some in the freezer too, when vegan friends and family visit.

Sunday, 4 April 2021

What a difference..

 A day makes...

Our first swallow arrived yesterday...I bet he is regretting arriving just that bit earlier than usual.

I don't think we will have snow here, but from Glasgow up, especially the northeast it looks definitely winter like.

Quiet walk

 Just the breeze and the birds.

From Loch Doon up to Loch Finlas and back.

Friday, 2 April 2021

Help the Aged....

 Ok, Tom is two months older than Pirate!!! However neither he or his wife can do the Spring we do it every year. Luckily lockdown has eased just in time!

A beautiful day, good craic and Pirate was rewarded with a dram of special Islay Whisky.

None for me as I was driving..but it smelt heavenly!!

That is a fishing hut on the other bank...the fields both sides of the river flood.....