Tuesday, 16 August 2022

More Rain!

 We had heavy rain last night and frequent steady rain showers today. 

A mostly indoor day then! With occasional forays for fresh air.

The garden is certainly looking happy .

And I am glad that I painted all the shed fronts to match the green on the workshop.

Indoors I have spent the day cleaning bike bits ready to sell...no sales on yesterday's listings, more chance of that happening on the weekend.

Monday, 15 August 2022

Hot... but successful ...and Rain!

 Yesterday was foraging day.

Still dry but more high clouds coming over, hot but not oppressively so.

Wheat was being harvested, but looking more closely it wasn't a good crop and was being harvested late...but better save what you have, than lose the lot when it does rain.

We looked north towards Ayr....you can see three tower blocks in the middle, which are due to be demolished due to unsafe cladding.  Cheaper to demolish fifty year old buildings than to renovate, probably.  The VAT ...20% tax ..on renovation as opposed to none on new builds has a lot to answer for .

Then the tallest building in Ayr will be a large hotel near the centre.

Brambles and elderberries are just ready to harvest...very few sloes are, but it is very early for them. We gathered litre boxfull, enough, with some odds and ends of berries in the freezer, for the first batch of mixed berry cordial.

The success was two bags of apples. 5kg of small eaters and 15kg of what may be cookers.

The former, thinning out the ripe fruit from our usual foraging tree, the latter doing the same from a tree that had little fruit last year, and this year is laden! 

Having managed to get to the tree, we discovered that it was next to a large well laden crab apple tree...next time!

We are not the only people foraging there and there is plenty for all including fruit for the birds! I was sad that I hadn't taken a box as well as a bag to the apple trees as the Rosa Rugosa hips were just ready.

There will be another day. I need to get making and storing what I have first.

This morning we have awakened to freshness and rain, after a night of thunder and lightning and heavy showers. Luckily not torrential rain here, what is falling now should soak in not just run off.

Saturday, 13 August 2022

Day off by bike

 And day out on the bikes together.

Posting a sale, brunch in a farm café, down the bike path along an old railway trackbed to the coastal path. Surveying potential foraging....apples and brambles...then to watch a summer cyclo-cross and relax under a tree in a park. Pirate , at the end of proceedings was grabbed by the organiser..who insisted that he present the prizes!! Twenty years ago, he was a youth rider and Pirate advised him and took him to races..without that help he wouldn't have stayed cycling!

Then a gentle ride home...and Arran was still hidden by the haar...even though the sun still shone.

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Another sunset

 Even more dramatic.

I am very pleased that this photo shows it as it was...at 21.50 BST..

Lots of bitty jobs today, but the best was shed painting...which side of which shed dictated by where the shade was!

At last we have a summer up here...and it goes overboard and gives us a heatwave!! Which here in Scotland is three days in a row over 25⁰C!

It does nothing by halves any more

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

'Night all..


Moonrise and sunset tonight.

Monday, 8 August 2022

Changing ways and plant ID

 I have decided to get back properly to getting up when I wake up.

It has been too easy to lie there until the alarm at 7....or even turn it off and lie some more..

But that ends up with feeling grouchy!

So far, waking and rising has resulted in more energy and quietly getting things done before breakfast instead of in a rush afterwards.

We went to town by bus, did shopping , banking and failed to find Gutermann quilting thread...although the knitting shop has their all purpose thread. 

Back now and it has turned hotter, we have now reached 18⁰C!!  So pirate is having a siesta, our lone swallow is chattering on the line and after blogging I shall get on with quilting.

I was hunting for my quilting needles yesterday and found a pack that I had bought in NZ..unlike here, a pack of household needles includes ones for quilting!!

When it is cooler I hope to finish the outside painting on the workshop.

I think the plant in the grassy field may be Dodder?

A friend has remembered it..red bartsia, partly lives on grass roots and partly its own, in poor soils.

Sunday, 7 August 2022


we had an evening walk, watching showers scud across the sky.

A certain amount of rain has fallen today, but mostly it has just been damp air!

I am not sure what this plant is... usually the sheep graze this field down, but they have returned to the hills by now.

 The Clyde was shining..if you haven't spotted in the centre of the top picture...

You could see a little of Arran on the other side, briefly!