Tuesday, 20 February 2018

dusk walk

In which I caught many beautiful photos, but in doing so lagged behind the Pirate who saw the local stag crossing the path in front of him. There are about six deer living in Hannahston Woodland.

 Te pen has moved to this,safer, pool
 from here,where she was with the cob
 and home past one of Scotland's exports...

Monday, 19 February 2018


Hoping that friends in New Zealand stay safe, with Tropical Cyclone Gita on the way.
A friend on her way to Christchurch sent me a link to this global wind map.
Fascinating, beautiful, useful.


Its nearly 1pm here and still grey..no incentive to get up, let alone go out!

I've checked all the emails and messages, now to get on with some work...

Saturday, 17 February 2018

looking back

I've just come across a blog where the writer looked back ten years..I've only been blogging for just over nine years...This wasn't the first post,but near enough nine years ago.

I still like doors and doorways....fascinating things

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Gallivanting is a necessary activity. All work and no play definitely makes Jill a dull girl!!
I went to meet friends in Dyffryn Tanat, stayed overnight near Aberystwyth, then came home stopping to see things where I wanted to, going the way I felt like instead of just the quickest route.
The countryside was breathtaking, from the snow locked Berwyn Mountains to the grey sea in Aberystwyth, the halftimbered houses in Sir Drefaldwyn,and back home to our own Mountain.
I wish that my eyes could record and play the sights they have seen to my Mountain Man. I try to describe this to him in words, but how can you describe something that you just sit in silence and wonder at?

Life...and news....

 Ayr now has a big gap where Woolworths used to be,in between Georgian and Victorian buildings...a glass and concrete monstrosity has been given permission by the council...for the council offices... just round the corner from the old fishmarket....

 After a visit to Ayr registry office, we visited the pub where we will be getting married in May....

 and went for a walk fromhome

 sheeps...or rabbits?????
 still snow in them thar hills....

next step..

I'm not sure if combining techniques has worked, but I'll go with it to learn more.
then I can do the image again on another block.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

experimenting for real

 Ae Forest Track....masking with caustic soda and wallpaper paste
 vinegar to neutralize
 two hours, then re-apply on parts
 washed off with vinegar and scrubbed after five more hours...
next step drying and cutting further . The wax didn't work as well as hoped, but not bad for first time for real....