Tuesday 16 April 2024


 But never forgotten, our Pirate, Victor James Possee, "Vic", Man of Kent.

17 July 1939 - 15 April 2024

Always thinking of others...Caring and Sharing.

With our Fife friend who has with others been going above and beyond to help us both.

Friday 12 April 2024

Getting help.

 Pirate is now in a palliative care assessment bed in a village ten miles from here...much happier as it doesn't feel like hospital.

Hopefully they can rehydrate him and get meds into him....then we will see.

Probably two weeks there.

Once there he had charmed the staff...and he hasn't lost his sense of humour!

A couple of friends who are also cyclists have rallied round to help us both.

Hopefully I can sleep tonight... shouldn't be too difficult as I am tired!!

Wednesday 10 April 2024


 As ever. On the phone, a few days ago.

Our Fife friend, his mate, his Bro...is with us to help. 

Our District Nurse calls every day.

Monday 8 April 2024

We are still here

 I discovered yesterday that Avus is no longer with us in blogland or real life.

Sad. I miss his blog, and his daughter used to do a picture a day blog from Australia...I miss that too.

Pirate isn't too good at the moment. Reality is sinking in and he isn't a happy bunny.  He has had a life if being put down and his efforts belittled..now he is worried about being a nuisance and no good for anything.

He is doing marvellous things, encouraging people on the phone if not in person. He has just had a FB. Video call from a good friend north of Brisbane..you don't get that without being worth it.

I am doing my best to keep ordinary things going. And Fife friend will be back over again late this afternoon to help him and give me a hand too.

Like Pirate, he lost a brother at this time of year, so he finds it hard. Unfortunately he has been brought up not to show it.

Thursday 4 April 2024

Slowly does it

 Pirate had a visit from our own doctor on Tuesday...I can't take her portrait....but she arrived having had a haircut...from long red hair in a plait to a shoulder length bob!! Almost like a schoolgirl, with a leather Gladstone Bag!! She drives to work in this....

And in her time off rides a Clydesdale horse!

She approved of the medications regime we now have...and the way I have made a list to tick each dose off...a good way to keep track of that.

Our Fife friend came to stay on Wednesday, the idea being to help me in the garden...and it showered all day....with rain in between!!

Not just that, but first thing I realised that we had a gas leak!! If course within an hour then gas was officially turned off.....

We did get the deep beds moved...

Luckily the night was warmer it has been....and eventually I was successful in locating not just a plumber, but one who lives in our village!!

Today, thankfully it was a nice dry day....time join two wind battered polytunnel frames together.

Next step is to find some heavy duty pegs to anchor the frame down...

Under the white cover is the garlic patch, growing nicely thankyou.

It is a relief to get those jobs done, and two of us have done more than twice what I could have achieved on my own. 

Plus Pirate came out to supervise in his FedEx jacket and a beanie, getting some good fresh air, as the plumber and his mate came and replaced a badly soldered joint that had been done a long time ago...and had very very slowly been increasing...

We waved Fife friend off, as our favourite district nurse arrived! It was all go this afternoon.

We have missed her....seen most of the others in our local practice...but she has had pneumonia...so we are very glad to see her back and looking well.

My turn then to have a break...off to collect a new wet and dry vacuum cleaner from the outskirts of Ayr, get a bagful of reduced goodies from a big supermarket then hunt for heavy duty pegs... unsuccessfully....

Nice to have two hours out on my own as Pirate had a well deserved fresh air fuelled nap!

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Buddens and Doulton Lambeth

 Thanks for your request, Dave...this is something I need to pass on to my daughter who is doing our family history research ( I am working on Pirate's history)

Buddens, Doulton Lambeth

My Grandmother, Ethel Mary Webster was a tweeny for her great aunts, Alice , and Alice's cousin Mary. 

I will have to see what my daughter has on them...the easiest open access site to check is Tribal pages...it is free(under a certain capacity) and she has an account...but all you have to do is search on the main tribal pages home page by surname.  She has found a few cousins..and been found too!

Monday 1 April 2024

Turning a corner?

 The meds started working yesterday, thankfully... And his system started working...but to keep him safe I had to get up with him every time he did through the night...but come the morning, it was all systems go...and he started to be more himself again, at last.

I have a Systems drinks bottle...which holds 800ml...he has drunk just over 2 litres of sports rehydration drink today.....and proper food for three meals too.  He won't be 100% straight away...but we are going in the right direction.

Even I had a nap on the sofa this morning!! We had a TV and radio day, with minimal "news".  Having messages and calls from all his friends is bpvery heartening for him.

Not just a pirate portrait..with his Saltire buff...
In front of him the Canterbury, a present from our late friend Big Pete...full of books.
On the wall, a map of NZ. On the top shelf a Denbyware jug, and nearer, an earthenware puzzle jugs that I made in Porthmadog Pottery in the old Snowdon Mill in about 1996.
Below that a teapot made by Mick Morgan who was a year ahead of me at Cardiff College of Art and is still making lovely work, near Carmarthen I think. On top of it a small white teacup made in NZ. (Crown Lynn?)
In the bottom shelf and earthenware pitcher..from Devon? And on top of that a small bowl and jug from Eastern Europe.. possible Romania.
Then at the end of the mantelpiece an oil lamp from Doulton Lambeth..where grandma's great-aunts, the Misses Budden worked as paintresses.

A collection of things..which give a little of me?