Friday 24 May 2024

Carrying on

I think I may need a proper camera....the phone is good..but not that good!!

The three dots are three hares in a very large paddock!! We carried on our daily walk, and hour off to one side of the village, lucky to catch a brief respite from the wind and rain.

How to birdwatch while keeping warm and dry!!

It feels miserable being back down in single figure temperature (C⁰) 

Now the Oily One has returned home I have started sorting programmes, start and result sheets, newspaper cuttings...

These are mostly from 1991 onwards when Pirate moved permanently to Scotland.

So much little here...but gradually more is done online...and if you can print it off, it won't be of keeping quality.

A friend from a local cycling club called round for a cuppa and chat..she had offered a hand in the garden, but it wasn't fit weather for that!!

Now I'm waiting for a plumber to arrive to sort a leaky toilet..he said late morning, so I have time for a little more sorting...and remembering...Even the events that he went to before we were together, Pirate talked about them..passing on his memories.


Tuesday 21 May 2024

Day out in the sun

Old or newer....

And an interesting combination...

Letter passed to my solicitor, a wander around town to show it to.the Oily One.
Over to the next town for a bike shop clear bike bottles!! We prefer those... easier to clean and to.see that they need cleaning!
Special treat, chips and mushy peas, eaten in the car by the cream!!

With a bit of time before my dentist appointment, we went to buy new wipers for my car...and he had a coffee and cookie..too late in the day for coffee for me...and not just before the dentist!!
The appointment went ok...just a small filling, but he had to numb that tooth and the ones both sides of it as the cold water was affecting all three!!  With extra injections and a white filling, goodbye £60...but he does good work.

Instead of sitting in the rush hour traffic the decision was made to go to he had never been there!!
And as it was rush hour we avoided the busy main roads as well on the way there!
Ailsa Craig, then looking south towards Ballantrae 
We had a little wander around the streets by the centre of the town...I saw two open lobbies...

I love tiles like that.

Then  up the Girvan valley and over the hills to home.

Monday 20 May 2024

Fore and aft

 Such a contrast!

And the evening starling serenade..such variety...our mynah bird equivalent, learning songs and sounds from anywhere!!

Sunday 19 May 2024

The Oily One

 Aka Eldest up for a visit, a few days off as it is his birthday tomorrow.

Good to have him first visitor to stay here since Pirate died.

And we went for a walk around Hannahston...and listened to the birds..

 It is good to talk, just to chat..and to have someone else to share answering the question of what to have for supper...and share making it!!

Saturday 18 May 2024

Garden repurposing


Take one pair of voile plus lining aging bathroom curtains....

Greenhouse sun shading and kale protection from butterflies .

I still have half the lining, we will see how the first half goes.

Plus the rufflette tape is just what is needed for a pair of curtains I need to make....

A quiet day, fairly sunny and warm...nice to walk to the local shop in shorts for a change!! 

Friday 17 May 2024

More gardening

 I did a little early on...

then finished off between 9 and 10 when it was cooler!

It is supposed to be another good night to see the aurora...but all I see is street lights!

It is a nice evening...

Cars and birds...I just missed the pheasant calling.

Thursday 16 May 2024

Catch up gardening..and friends

 A cuppa with a couple of riders after their ride....a little shopping...and then rain if course..I'd left he clean clothes out on the line!!

A picnic lunch in the car by the seaside..and no view, thanks to the rain.

Then garden centre time...

The first, big chain...a couple of plants..but nothing to write home about...a little bedraggled...

The second, a local family business...with quality plants...say no more!

These were the ones who kept one employee on during covid lockdown to care for the plants in stock.....

Now the new beds just need to settle.

Plants need to be potted on or hardened off and planted out.....

On the way home I called past our local feed store to buy wild bird seed for the feeders...I was already a little friendly with the woman there....her husband has now terminal oesophageal cancer...having backed off a large op a while ago when it could have worked....she needed to talk....we are firmer friends now...

And at home my neighbour's daughter needed a I gave her the petrol mower..on the condition that if my grass got too long to cut with my wee handraulic mower, they would cut it!!