Saturday, 21 April 2018

celebrations ,the wanderer returns

He's back from Brisbane and Noosaville !

We went far a, after supper the Pirate has "crashed"..working on getting his body clock to Scots time rather than Oz time.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Thursday, 19 April 2018

It even feels like it..

Spring,that is...
Before they left, I had a walk around Hannahston with The Oily one and his fellow worker..result a feed bag which we filled with litter.
 Mare's Tail (Equisetum) then Wood Anemone
 Coltsfoot,showing flowers before leaves
 The view to home from the reserve's high point
 rubbish! It is improving, there must be more people lifting litter as they walk. but there is no reason to drop it in the first place.
I've got three loads of washing done and dried on the line,including towels and bedding and to top everything I went out on the bike for two hours!

At this point I regretted taking this route

 looking back down..a couple of places where someone lost the road...
 Above Cumnock on the way to Auchinleck..abandoned lines

 wood fired power
 and the Barony A frame, a memorial to the closed coal pit

 A fish ladder at Ochiltree
 and, three miles from home, "I see the sea...." River Clyde to be exact.

All other jobs have been only have a certain amount of energy, if you want to do things every day!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

watching ink dry before selling

Similar job to watching paint dry...
The large oil based inkprints have been blotted twice,but the cold weather probably hasn't helped the drying process.

I'd hoped that the water based ink on the cards would have dried quickly, this morning's job is to blot them all. Once dried I can do the card backs and put them in the shop.

The next decision is how many per packet? I'll try them singly I think, plus one of each in a mixed packet.  It wont change the postage and packing unfortunately, so some might feel a multi pack would be a better bargain.

Monday, 16 April 2018

printing small blocks

First one..
then some....then many
Ten of each design...fifty cards.  It will be very good when these sell!!

I've worked late, but my study turns into a bedroom for two nights from tomorrow. It was a good incentive to get moving on this.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

while watching the ceremony.....

The Closing Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games was both moving and entertaining in turn.
I've been glued to the laptop, watching different sports..or listening out for what I wanted to watch while being busy on other tabs!!
Before the Ceremony I got a sheets and towels wash through, and they dried beautifully in the sun and brisk breeze.

At intervals I added cards to the Etsy shop.

Luckily the dry washing came in before the Ceremony started, already dry,for as soon as it finished, down came the rain!
The house is clean and tidy (ish!) for The Oily One and a workmate should be here for a couple of nights this week.

Things can be too tidy..there is a small bag of mini pegs for hanging cards, somewhere....I've rigged up lines of thin twine on a wall to peg up the latest big prints to dry out of the way. It has been taking weeks, despite having been well blotted. Pegging it up will mean less chance of smudges, and more room in the house as they lie on a pasting table in the living room.

Can I find those pegs?

Here is the print..Old Hedge, Storm Brewing, Girvan Valley