Sunday, 29 March 2020

Life goes on

We have been getting out in the garden..but it is cold, not a lot above freezing.
Pirate has started clearing sheds, and found that mice had Ben in the workshop and wasps in the pot shed!!
The fruit bushes are beginning to blossom...already! And I have started sowing seeds.

Our neighbour is turning half his chook enclosure over to tatties...and giving his Fergie some exercise!
 And we are trying to barricade the house against the jackdaws..the local roofers said they would do it a month ago..but it is too small a job for them to they just use the virus as an excuse even though they could do it and we stay indoors and pay over the phone..

Thursday, 26 March 2020

More baking!

 Mini gingerbread people!
 Split pea savoury, apple and cherry crumble with fruit from the freezer and a jar full of oatcakes..
Homemade apple and cheese.

Spring is teasing it is still cold although you can feel that things are itching to grow..further South it is 5 degrees least!! And they have sunshine!!
We had fog last night which thinned to mist by 10 am...and it has been misty all day...more if the same tomorrow...and clearer but colder on the weekend.

Baking and making

The blood orange marmalade looks a success, I tried a new recipe from Good . It took longer than expected...possibly as it was beet rather than cane sugar, possibly because the oranges were really ripe so that it would have needed more lemon juice to raise the acidity.
We will have to test it on the bread...which I hope will be good to overflowed the tins a little on the last rise. Next time the dough will get divided into three!

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Life goes on

Our morning view as we ride our turbotrainers

Then healthy breakfast with a different smoothie every morning!

Pirate's walking exercise today was mowing lawns, this is next door's so that the grandkids living there have more playspace.

Today I learned how to make chapattis to go with our lunchtime curry...warming up was needed as the wind is strong and bitterly cold.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Monday washday

The sheets wash was in by 8 and dry before lunch!!
Looks like it will be ironing today as well.

Our turbo ride today was to The Cajun Classics, "C'est Fun"... Cue for a bit of fast pedalling 😎

Spring is sprung!
Safer on the mantelpiece!

Saturday, 21 March 2020


Pirate commented that it is like a dream that you will awake from..all this doesn't seem real.

Meanwhile we are riding our bikes on our turbo trainers for half an hour in the morning, then gardening for fresh air.
Walking practice will be up and down stairs for ten minutes...
Pirate is doing exercises to build up his shoulder muscles and arms after crashes in 2007 and 2009...the damage wasn't properly mended then. Its possible one shoulder could be reconstructed at last...

So we are keeping busy and healthy.
Pirate "rode shotgun" when I went shopping this afternoon...and stayed in the car...if I had gone alone, you can bet that the car would misbehave!!
Shopping was fine, I got practically all we needed..but then we don't buy ready made.
The loo roll , potato and flour shelves were empty. I didn't get flour. 
However I have been brought up to keep a good storecupboard.
When the children were young we lived on a smallholding and were members of a food co-op, shopping every two months for staples and once a week for the fresh goods that we didn't grow ourselves. You learnt quickly to manage stores and have a backup especially in Winter when the delivery could be disrupted by snow and ice.
Who knows when this will be over...
It is the end of the world as we know it..we must respect the earth from now on and not abuse our resources with impunity.

We need a kinder society but will we get one?

When the panic buying in some places in the USA has been guns?

When so many people already have nothing..and many more will be without jobs and income

It is the Elephant in the Room..not just the virus, but how we are treating the planet we live on.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Today's projects

 Yesterday we supported our local family owned garden centre and took advantage of the usual Spring special offers
Then did a little hoeing and weeding

And this morning the jackdaw lovebirds were eyeing up our eaves where the soffit needs mending...

He is scarifying the lawn...just don't tell him that is the patch that is destined to be the next vege bed.....
And I have at last reached the sewing to see if the tension is ok.