Friday, 28 November 2014

a quick post

A quick few words...we are just back from a week on the Isle of Lewis, thanks to Andrea and Eve. 
Much unwinding was we return tobthe round of appointments and gardening ( still warm enough for there to be work for us) 

Please excuse the odd spelling and lack of pictures....still no news on the sick laptop, with the malfunctioning  printer in hope....

meanwhile I'm using a small tablet computer, which has its limitations but at least keeps us in contact

Sunday, 16 November 2014

quiet Sunday

All was cold and foggy this morning, so our bike ride started later..but still the clouds were flowing down the Girvan Valley. We turned right at the old Tollhouse after Wallacetown and followed the lanes up the hill into the sun.
Looking across the Clyde the far side was still obscured by cloud.
We dropped down to Turnberry where a certain Mr. Trump has already started revamping the golf course...starting with the putting green!
To Culzean Castle for coffee, then home skirting Maybole on the Covenanters' Road and back into the Dyrock Valley and home. A gently taken ride of about 30 miles.
Then tidying up the veggie garden, clearing the bean haulms and club rooted brassicas. Enough Runner and Borlotti beans to save seed for next year and runner bean beans to steam for two meals from the beans that ,got away'!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

garden preparation

We have just finished a job today..clearing a fortyfive degree slope of small leaved privet plants.
The Pirate was wielding a mattock and spade, my job was pulling up the remains as well as taking a turn with the mattock.
This is so that the gardener can then plant her chosen shrubs.
We must have done a good job as she insisted on paying more than asked, and discussed our next job there!!

We had lunch in our village cafe on the strength of it.

Then on to another garden to clear an old heap behind a greenhouse prior to re-glazing...and then came the rain!! Such a disappointment after the afternoon,s sun and double rainbow.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

technology 1 gz 0

More techno problems..the software driver for the printer has is refusing to recognise printing commands AND it is clogging up the screen and brain of the computer.
Luckily I've been given a tablet so I'm learning to use it. 
Meanwhile no printer or laptop....

Thursday, 6 November 2014

RIP Blacksmith

I heard today that a good friend died yesterday.

We had never met in real life, but he introduced me to the downsizer forum for sustainable living ....not a dry as dust place, more an online village with all the events, squabbles, friends, births, marriages...and deaths.

He chatted with me on facebook as The Pirate went through his course of radiotherapy and was a great help.  Within a month his chemotherapy started, so he must have known when we were talking.

Despite knowing that his condition was terminal lung cancer he was positive and encouraging.

A good craftsman, marvellous photographer and all round decent bloke.

You'll be missed, Dave Goddard.

You loved barbecues and fireworks, so what better day to go!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

village event

 We walked down the hill to the village as the fireworks started...I'm glad we were late as I'm sure we had the best view!
 There was soup and hot dogs,fizzy drinks and glowsticks

It looked like most of the village came out to see and share,plus many from the surrounding area.

Then a walk home in the light of the nearly full moon, to a warm house, thanks to the woodburning stove.

Saturday, 1 November 2014


 One day it is all Autumnal and conkers, the next the weather shows its true colours as the tail end of the US Hurricanes turns into a storm.....
Today it is Samhain/Calan Gaeaf  So Winter is here and I'm sitting here in front of the woodburning stove all cosy as the wind roars in the chimney and the rain lashes down....

and who forgot to lock the car, and whose bike is sitting in the car after today's!

I took advantage of the good weather we had at lunchtime to go for a bike ride with my daughter on her last day here.
I managed the first flatter part of the ride with her-then told her to go on!

Total ride was sixteen miles, but the last eight were uphill to the summit, where The Pirate rescued me!!   Then we drove to Newton Stewart and had coffeeand scones together, before going tohunt for her husbandand The Boys.
He had forgotten that he had saaid"if you feel ok at the arranged meeting point, carry on the next 16k to Newton Stewart".....)

We found him back here!!   All came out in the wash and nobody died!!

Sad to see them leave after only three nights up here, but The Boys are now in school and one gets fined if one takes time out in term time.