Thursday, 6 November 2014

RIP Blacksmith

I heard today that a good friend died yesterday.

We had never met in real life, but he introduced me to the downsizer forum for sustainable living ....not a dry as dust place, more an online village with all the events, squabbles, friends, births, marriages...and deaths.

He chatted with me on facebook as The Pirate went through his course of radiotherapy and was a great help.  Within a month his chemotherapy started, so he must have known when we were talking.

Despite knowing that his condition was terminal lung cancer he was positive and encouraging.

A good craftsman, marvellous photographer and all round decent bloke.

You'll be missed, Dave Goddard.

You loved barbecues and fireworks, so what better day to go!!


Cro Magnon said...

In his memory, I've bookmarked the 'downsizer' page, and will have a proper look later.

smartcat said...


gz said...

Thanks Cro