Sunday, 16 November 2014

quiet Sunday

All was cold and foggy this morning, so our bike ride started later..but still the clouds were flowing down the Girvan Valley. We turned right at the old Tollhouse after Wallacetown and followed the lanes up the hill into the sun.
Looking across the Clyde the far side was still obscured by cloud.
We dropped down to Turnberry where a certain Mr. Trump has already started revamping the golf course...starting with the putting green!
To Culzean Castle for coffee, then home skirting Maybole on the Covenanters' Road and back into the Dyrock Valley and home. A gently taken ride of about 30 miles.
Then tidying up the veggie garden, clearing the bean haulms and club rooted brassicas. Enough Runner and Borlotti beans to save seed for next year and runner bean beans to steam for two meals from the beans that ,got away'!!


Hawthorn said...

Sounds like a really good day :)

Zhoen said...

Don't know why, can't seem to grow beans of any sort in my garden.