Friday, 27 September 2019


Rain stopped play yesterday...hasn't even let it start today.
At least I am back to drawing.
I managed over an hour out on my bike around the lanes yesterday, mostly between showers. Pirate carried on gardening then did his riding on the turbo trainer in the garage!

The rain is coming over in heavy squalls, and not much better forecast for a few days.. possibly a thunderstorm later this morning and a rain weather warning has been issued for Saturday night to Sunday morning.

We haven't been able to do as much gardening as hoped, but we have made a good start on a couple of jobs.
I wonder how our garden is faring at home?

We are despairing at the state of low and unpleasant can they sink?

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Wandering while waiting for the train

Arrived in Aberystwyth at last!

Important history..

We must stop repeating history...have we not learnt?

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

I'm having a busy time with Dear Daughter...DD and family have recently moved house...bigger, flatter for veges, fruit, another greenhouse...and room for playing and visitors camping...they are looking to stay here long term.

I've been accompanying DD and the boys (9years old) on their school Commute by bike...only 4km each way, a total of 5 miles if you like, morning and afternoon. A good start to getting out on the bike most days, whatever the weather.
We managed a good couple of hours work between morning and afternoon rain!

Cat thinks the new place is ok...just lacks catflaps
I have started a new drawing book..took a week to start!
Tomorrow Pirate travels from Bristol to Aberystwyth by train.
I have not done the first short stretch from Redland to Bristol Temple Meads, but I have the rest. Through the Severn Tunnel to Newport, change for Shrewsbury and finally change again for Aberystwyth. A lovely journey which he should enjoy.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Cats (and a dog)

Racing over, Pirate has gone to see his daughter for a couple of days. I stayed with the Carpenter and family last night..three hour's drive in the dark and wet was not inviting!
This morning...
I'm allowed.honest!!
Then I was Tango-ed...
Leaving after the rush hour seemed a good idea..but I still got delayed by lorries..but not too bad as they rolled at a reasonable speed..and three hours later arrived for lunch at Daughter's new (to them) home. Re-acquaintance proceeded with her cat
Who was thinking that she needed attention, not the keyboard.
Of course after three days inside a hot velodrome, now the outside's cold and wet!!

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Grand Old Men

From the left, Norman Bright, 83, 4th.
Gordon Johnston, 81, Silver Medal
David Sankey, 82, Gold Medal
Victor Possee, 80, Bronze Medal

The 80+ 2km pursuit podium

Well done them... inspiring!

Saturday, 21 September 2019


Himself, not me!

Winning his age group..and giving thanks on behalf of the riders to the organizer, commissaires and all the helpers, official and otherwise.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Day off

No driving yesterday!
Himself sorted his bikes and had a leg loosener on the turbo trainer.

Computers were sorted, two tablets and a laptop gone for tablet too old so that it wouldn't accept any updates. The other young enough but working so slow that it couldn't even reset to factory something wrong with it.  The laptop actually turned on surprisingly, and we managed to retrieve some photos that had missed going on the external hard drive. However apart from that bonus it was not atall well, and with a cracked case was on its way to recycling.
The even older laptop I'd moved on from as it was too heavy for travelling, has a lovely 17" bro will be using it for his practising and learning Linux/Ubuntu!

Meanwhile Pirate attacked the lawn/meadow!  All the wildflowers had set seed so it was time.

Brother will rake a bit more moss from the lawn then sow wildflower seed mix.

Thursday, 19 September 2019


A journey and a half!
Thanks to lorries spreading hundreds of litres of diesel over the motorway in a couple of places...
Luckily with some nifty map reading we had a nice drive off the motorway, not following any diversions. Twice.
Missing a turning later on...and when we got back on route found that our planned road that we missed..was closed!
Only four hundred and forty one miles..but we left at eight a.m and arrived at 10 p.m.. with steady driving and good breaks.
It's good to see brother again , and mutual friends who have stayed overnight too!

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Jobs cancelled

So that we have a chance to organise ourselves and not take too much...but guess what, the car is still "cubed" as Pirate puts it!!
At least much of that won't be coming back... presents of plants, kitchen perishables that we'll eat with my brother...
Pirate is still stressing...he worries deeply about other people, and not being able to help upsets and depresses him.

At least we had a friend stay over last night...he stops here about every six weeks..and that always puts himself in a good mood!
A lovely person and it's a pleasure to make a special but simple meal to share.trave

Monday, 16 September 2019

Too busy..and time out

But needs must when deadlines rear up..soon we head South so jobs have to be done before we go.
Beetroot pickled..

Red onions acquired to make red onion marmalade on our return..they will keep until we do..
Banana cakes made..and I need to work out who would like what from the store cupboard on our family visits!

We had a nice ride yesterday over in the Kingdom of Fife, apart from when my gear cable snapped....Pirate rigged it up so that I wasn't on the smallest cog...
but it was still hard work!
It was good to meet friends at a race over there, then go visiting after our ride too. The wind was chilly but it was beautiful in the sun.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Stores progress and Velodroming

Finishing some processes today...pickled shallots, yoghurt and blackberry cordial.

We ventured to Glasgow today and Pirate did some racing on the velodrome there. No winning but general success and good to see friends.