Friday, 20 September 2019

Day off

No driving yesterday!
Himself sorted his bikes and had a leg loosener on the turbo trainer.

Computers were sorted, two tablets and a laptop gone for tablet too old so that it wouldn't accept any updates. The other young enough but working so slow that it couldn't even reset to factory something wrong with it.  The laptop actually turned on surprisingly, and we managed to retrieve some photos that had missed going on the external hard drive. However apart from that bonus it was not atall well, and with a cracked case was on its way to recycling.
The even older laptop I'd moved on from as it was too heavy for travelling, has a lovely 17" bro will be using it for his practising and learning Linux/Ubuntu!

Meanwhile Pirate attacked the lawn/meadow!  All the wildflowers had set seed so it was time.

Brother will rake a bit more moss from the lawn then sow wildflower seed mix.


Betty said...

wow that's some lawn - I imagine you have bales of hay now!

Joanne Noragon said...

A good day.

Catalyst said...

A lot of work.