Monday, 16 September 2019

Too busy..and time out

But needs must when deadlines rear up..soon we head South so jobs have to be done before we go.
Beetroot pickled..

Red onions acquired to make red onion marmalade on our return..they will keep until we do..
Banana cakes made..and I need to work out who would like what from the store cupboard on our family visits!

We had a nice ride yesterday over in the Kingdom of Fife, apart from when my gear cable snapped....Pirate rigged it up so that I wasn't on the smallest cog...
but it was still hard work!
It was good to meet friends at a race over there, then go visiting after our ride too. The wind was chilly but it was beautiful in the sun.


Susan Heather said...

Enjoy your trip south

Joanne Noragon said...

Happy travels.

Catalyst said...

Arggghhhh. (That's for the hard pedaling.)

Amy said...

yum love Beetroot, enjoy your trip.