Friday, 15 January 2016

workshops moving..

Today's dismantling team is four men and Charlie the Dog.
The snow overnight is fast disappearing, thankfully, but there are still icy patches.
One of our willing team is a plumber and heating engineer from just down the road from our new home....hopefully he'll be able to get the heating working!!
Despite being freezing outside, the new home is just a bit cold inside...unlike the old one which is cold and damp!  Both probably about the same age (1920s)

Monday, 11 January 2016

how to start the year?

 enough to  make a seal laugh? On Gress Beach
we didn't....
 they did......ready....
 back again....
 that's why..
we sponsored our friend from the village shop in North Tolsta

Friday, 8 January 2016

Christmas at Tolsta

with a full moon on 25th December.

We had a much needed break, recovering physical and mental equilibrium.

We're back into full swing of moving things and trying to organize help...empty promises for the most part...not helped by the stress of worrying whether we will get our rent deposit least we know we'll be leaving this place better than we found it.

Not having taken my usual laptop computer, I loaded the images from my camera all at once, instead of day by day....I'll need to sort them properly when I have time, as they didn't land entirely least they are all there!

Friday, 1 January 2016

Chillin' and keeping warm.,

We are on The Western Isles, relaxing keeping warm and observing the weather, of which there is plenty!!
It is doing us good but even so the big bad world outside keeps sticking its oar in!
 I've started drawing at least once a day and writing as well.
I set a challenge as well... Learn to use the tablet computer I've been given. I think I'm getting there but writing this without seeing what I'm writing feels weird!
Back to The Mainland soon, weather permitting, then hopefully there will be time to sort all the photos we've taken.
Lightbulb moment..turn tablet 90 degrees... to see what one is writing..

Back home to temporarily get both cars serviceable as mine is longer and has roof rack and a towbar, so can carry bigger things in, on or behind on a borrowed trailer....

Our heartfelt thanks go to our hosts, the author of Boxes and Bellows and lovely Eve.   Putting up with us and looking after us.

All this and we missed seeing the Aurora last night by ten minutes... Couldn't stay awake any longer !!