Friday, 8 January 2016

Christmas at Tolsta

with a full moon on 25th December.

We had a much needed break, recovering physical and mental equilibrium.

We're back into full swing of moving things and trying to organize help...empty promises for the most part...not helped by the stress of worrying whether we will get our rent deposit least we know we'll be leaving this place better than we found it.

Not having taken my usual laptop computer, I loaded the images from my camera all at once, instead of day by day....I'll need to sort them properly when I have time, as they didn't land entirely least they are all there!


smartcat said...

Looks like a lovely peaceful and well deserved time.
I've found that most promises for help are overblown! It's nice when they are kept, but except for stalwarts, are not to be relied on.
Peace in 2016

Fresca said...

Happy New Year---that photo of the moon is especially amazing!

Barbara Rogers said...

Beautiful moon. May your 2016 be full of happiness!

Peter said...

I do hope that 2016 goes well for you and The Pirate, and the turbulent sounding start of it will be the beginnings of something good for you. Glad that you were able to have a little break on the Western Isles. As a teenager (back in the mists of time!) one summer I did spend a week on Iona, and can still remember the beautiful colours of the sea. Very different in winter I should imagine!!!

Michèle Hastings said...

good luck with the move, it isn't easy... especially as we get older :-(