Thursday, 28 November 2019

Leaves and life

 I am doing my best to keep drawing...
 The local bees are happy
 And so is Pirate, having borrowed a bike
And the cat just is.
Yesterday we had temperature over 30, today the wind is back in the southeast so it's a bit more like spring than summer.
We haven't listened to the 'news' since we arrived...feels good!

Morning out

A drive out today to get used to driving an automatic car again, and see a friend in Leeston....and lunch in the Red Barn cafe in Rakaia, which place we get to on SH1 over  a 2 km long bridge, over a braided river.
 Ancient and modern?

 Getting gardening ideas
 Giant hamster wheel!!
 In the playpark.. Pirate's brother had one of these tractors, but with a petrol engine. Yes, the wheels are fixed on the wrong way!!
 Cropping the verge..waste not....but on the other hand not good for wildlife
 A wee hedge
 A real moover!
 If you have a ginormous hedge, you need a ginormous hedge trimmer...
It was decidedly hot today, over 30C...we had a siesta after getting back...a very good practice for this is rising early to be active when it's cooler.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Travelling soon

We are busy helping to get our campercar ready for the off next Monday, and giving a hand around the property here too...gets us a better deal!
Meanwhile Peppy the cat, supervises.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Plant I D

Thankyou Hawthorn and Lynda...Solanum laciniatum, or Poroporo...