Wednesday, 29 October 2014

seasonal cards and visits

Printing is under way of the Seasonal Greetings cards...seems far too early, but one is driven by the market.   Also by the early posting dates for overseas mail !

Daughter is on her way today, she came from Wales by train...a great far as Cheshire where her in-laws live. Thence by car to here.

 The Boys are having a Big Adventure Holiday!! Their first visit to Scotland too.

The house here has been under the process of being made four year old boy (x2) proof for a few days, not that that is entirely possible!!
 This has been a trifle stressful for The Pirate, adding to the stress of restoring a classic bike for his granddaughter....He cannot find all the bits that were taken off and put in one box, when the frame was stripped to go and be resprayed.
It isn't a case of just go and buy new, as sizes of tubing change as well as style of components. 
However it is nearly ready,thankfully....a stressed out Pirate is doing no good to either of us!!

We do have something else to look forward to soon which will relieve much stress...a trip to the Western that IS to be eagerly anticipated- apart from the ferry crossing over The Minches!!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

a find?

Or perhaps not....found an Epson  stylus sx 100 printer in a charity shop  for £3

It wont turn on....we'll get our Electrical Wizard to look at it....but £3 isn't too much to lose!!

Possibly back to the drawing board.....perhaps that IS the answer....

get drawing!!

Monday, 20 October 2014

New Cards

Some cycling themed images and some from Scotland.

I've seen the printer that I think will do the job for me, handle heavier card still.

Just need to find £90 for the printer and more for the ink and card.....

Something will turn up!!


A gate in Barnard Castle (the town,not the castle itself).
 We'd always said we'd stop there instead of passing through.....

We've washed and ironed and sorted.  Put down a rug I'd been given years ago.
Moved the furniture round...."if you can't move house,...."

After a week we were feeling a little better.

Then my back decides toplay up, and the local mouse decides that our place is a"des res" for him as well.
One regular client has decided she doesn't want us anymore , and another is too ill to be at home.
So now we are without that £75 a week regular income,just when the grass stops growing.

The Pirate would love to stop working for other people. After all he is 75 and has things he wants to do for himself!
Until I can get a job....or my pension....May 2017 anyone?!.....we keepplodding along.  
It is time for a change.    Just not sure what it will be.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Home again to sorting out the washing mountain, carrying on the round of medical appointments....and Winter is kicking being back 600 miles further North than Kent, it feels even colder!!

Carry on as usual...battling with ever changing technology to repeat processes I thought that I'd mastered.  Ho Hum!!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Been busy riding our bikes....

 In the League of Veteran Cyclists, the women ride against men ten years I get Geoff Cooke, ex-Olympian and Geoff Wiles, ex-Holdsworthy professional......still I did beat an ex national champion to get third in the sprint.....
 Meeting The Carpenter's geckos at weigh-in time.  Beats a cat if you're allergic to cat saliva!!
 renewing acquaintance with Baxter, last seen as a pup....hang on,he still thinks that he is a pup!!
 having a tour around a house in Bristol, mid-restoration/renovation....
 and The Pirate playing conkers with grandson
 To Kent to meet the Pirate's relations again, some in their 70s and 80s and not so well.
Harry the Cat at nearly 20 is deaf but doing well...

 and the newest at 8 weeks.. a little sad now the Channel Tunnel has taken the ferry ferry since 1999 and no trains since 2009....

 This art installation says it all.    The lines will have gone by the time you read this.
 Then a walk around Canterbury, my first visit....I liked the old town around the cathedral...
 and the Green Man on the huge wooden doors..

 Then on to Manchester for the World Championships, where I managed a bronze medal in the pursuit,and....GOLD in the 500 time trial ....RESULT, after two years' work.

 A nice roof at the velodrome...just wish we could have more real light and air...a week in a stuffy tin box isn't enjoyable,but meeting everyone is!