Wednesday, 29 October 2014

seasonal cards and visits

Printing is under way of the Seasonal Greetings cards...seems far too early, but one is driven by the market.   Also by the early posting dates for overseas mail !

Daughter is on her way today, she came from Wales by train...a great far as Cheshire where her in-laws live. Thence by car to here.

 The Boys are having a Big Adventure Holiday!! Their first visit to Scotland too.

The house here has been under the process of being made four year old boy (x2) proof for a few days, not that that is entirely possible!!
 This has been a trifle stressful for The Pirate, adding to the stress of restoring a classic bike for his granddaughter....He cannot find all the bits that were taken off and put in one box, when the frame was stripped to go and be resprayed.
It isn't a case of just go and buy new, as sizes of tubing change as well as style of components. 
However it is nearly ready,thankfully....a stressed out Pirate is doing no good to either of us!!

We do have something else to look forward to soon which will relieve much stress...a trip to the Western that IS to be eagerly anticipated- apart from the ferry crossing over The Minches!!


Relatively Retiring said...

I hope everyone can relax and enjoy their Great Adventures.

Cro Magnon said...

I've given-up worrying about breakages etc, and as a result nothing much does get broken. One can worry about nothing; and so what anyway!

Sandy miller said...

Ooooo GZ, beautiful cards! Love the bird tracks :)

just picked a new sketch book for 99 cents…. blank pages for under a dollar….. now to sharpen the pencils

enjoy your adventure :)

Michèle Hastings said...

The cards look beautiful. Enjoy the time with your family.