Monday, 20 October 2014


A gate in Barnard Castle (the town,not the castle itself).
 We'd always said we'd stop there instead of passing through.....

We've washed and ironed and sorted.  Put down a rug I'd been given years ago.
Moved the furniture round...."if you can't move house,...."

After a week we were feeling a little better.

Then my back decides toplay up, and the local mouse decides that our place is a"des res" for him as well.
One regular client has decided she doesn't want us anymore , and another is too ill to be at home.
So now we are without that £75 a week regular income,just when the grass stops growing.

The Pirate would love to stop working for other people. After all he is 75 and has things he wants to do for himself!
Until I can get a job....or my pension....May 2017 anyone?!.....we keepplodding along.  
It is time for a change.    Just not sure what it will be.

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