Wednesday, 19 June 2013

job applying

I've just applied online for a two day per week temp job ib Asda- seems they want your life history AND you do an IQ test... I'd much prefer the job I've already applied for in a Co-op shop, ten miles from here.
Meanwhile I must be brief...I get two hours at a time in the local library and I have six minutes left!!
I'm off home to finish some bowls, if they haven't dried too much....

Thursday, 6 June 2013

MORE sun!!

For  a couple of  days, Ayrshire and Western Scotland has been the hottest place in Britain!!  23 or so degrees C.   Now that is better!!

My kick wheel is set up in the yard, so I'm throwing , making bowls and piercing them to make berry bowls. When I DO get a workshop and kiln, I'll have enough to get going!!

Still  nothing on the job, or money I'm keeping on keeping on....and The Carpenter has agreed that we need to sell the house in South Wales.