Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Yet more gardening!

We said last year that we needed to stop gardening for others...but our last two regular customers are housebound.
Most other gardeners don't want the jobs...either no comeback to a contact or a sky high quote.
I photograph before and after each time so they can see what we have done.
Yesterday I mowed the lawn and cleared a path and himself tackled a Leylandii hedge.
Our reward wasn't just 5pm we saw swans flying over in pairs and small least 24..


Steve Reed said...

A leylandii hedge -- that just sounds like a lot of work!

gz said...

It was, wasn't cut last year..and if you cut too deep the hedge will die. It's usually cut by a contractor on a tractor with a long arm cutter from the field side of the hedge

Aimz said...

Gosh you have done well. I guess with the hedge you and plants you don't want to cut into the old wood.

Jenny Woolf said...

Sounds as if it is good deed and community spirit as well as a job. Good work!

Sandy Miller said...

The best part of gardening is the end of the project, stand back and see the difference! It looks great! I miss some of my old clients and you’re right, sky high quotes and no shows. It’s a good paying honest job if you’re willing to put in the work. And nice pay off, swans over head ❣️

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

I found that, as a non-contract type gardener - it was very hard to find a replacement when I stopped doing it. Most of my customers were older single ladies and they were comfortable with a woman coming in and doing their garden. When it came to find a similar replacement - virtually impossible.