Thursday, 15 September 2011

busy, busy!

I haven't stopped this week so far!
I've started doing Light Gardening for Money!!! Getting paid what you like doing somewhere nice!
Just one day a week so far, I think two would be enough to bring in money and not take too much of my time.
I collected my new specs-now I can keep them for "best"!!, fired a bisque kiln, did a day in the gallery, AND have fitted in doing my own gardening without overdoing things.

Tomorrow I'll collect my work from Craft in the Bay as the Summer Show finished ten days ago.
I think I have sold something, but their email has gone astray-something to look forward to discovering!! Then I can sort what will go to the Pop up Shop in Abergavenny this weekend- Court Cupboard, that is the Black Mountain Circle are running and stocking it, as it is the food festival time!
Lets hope the weather stays fine- we've had quite a mixture this week!! A bit of everything!


yeractual said...

sounds like you're pretty busy right now. Enjoy the gardening work but don't let it become a chore! Give my best to Abergavenny - haven't been there for some years but spent a lot of time there over the years. Esp in the old Hen & Chickens!

madpotter1 said...

GZ wear knee pads......... learned my lesson the hard way this year. After working as an estate gardener for the past 18 years I must it fits into a potter life perfectly! Enjoy your time amongst the flora and fauna...... best to you!

Hawthorn said...

Getting paid for doing something you love can't be bad :)

Jo said...

It all sounds very positive, fingers crossed you get the extra gardening :)

gz said...

madpotter, when I'm weeding I sit on an upturned plastic milkcrate! Saves both back and neck!!