Sunday, 13 June 2021

Morning walk and gardening


We managed a pre breakfast walk...not as early as I wanted, didn't get out until 8...but just in time as after we arrived home it got cloudy and the wind has been up all day.

We have just been pottering for the rest of the day..pirate fettling bikes, me potting up plants big and small, and filling the waterbutts from the tap.

Not something I like doing, as our water is chloraminated, but by having the flow of water hit the inside of the butt as it goes in, the chemicals can smell it.

The water should be acceptable to use tomorrow. It will affect the plant growth, but better slow growth than no growth or dead plants.  

Where things have to stay in pots I am moving them to bigger pots as they will stay moist for longer.

Pirate should be finishing his siesta any minute and then we have a ride  into Ayr...we forgot to post a birthday card yesterday, and the only way to get it there in time is to get in the box at the sorting office . Then it will go by early post first thing tomorrow.

I could just leave him to sleep on...but he did ask to be woken this time!!


The Weaver of Grass said...

That Pirate of yours sounds a good sound bet to have around the place.

Steve Reed said...

I spent the day doing the same thing -- repotting and potting on. It's never-ending!

Barbara Rogers said...

I think you're right about the chlorine being gone from the water by just sitting for 24 hours. I wish I could remember to do that before watering my plants. But we've had your share of the rain lately, so I haven't had to water at all. The main problem I now have is a need for a bigger pot for the 2 tomatoes...which I really shouldn't be trying to raise, since it's against our rules of the complex...and it makes sense to avoid the bears of our neighborhood. So I just will try to make them into bonsai kinds of tomato plants! I've already nipped off their top ends. We shall see...

Tom said...

...those yellow iris I have seen on our walks too!

gz said...

Weave he certainly is!
Tom, also known as Flags or Flag Iris.

Maria said...

I love flag irises :-)
Purely by good luck, our weather broke and it rained (lots) the day after I had used the last of the water butt on my various pots. Like you, potting on and potting up.