Saturday, 12 June 2021

Getting home

 Breaking the journey made good sense...safer than doing 370 miles on a hot busy day!

Again it meant we could add leisurely stops.

We arrived home to nearly empty waterbutts..our farmworker neighbour had been diligently watering the small plants and pots and making sure that the greenhouse plants didn't roast!!

Now we are up to date with the washing and the lawn has been mown....and both neighbours lawns too, as a thankyou.  

Our back lawn camping patch

Front lawn and meadow
One orchid back in the meadow patch
The lupins looking after themselves!


Steve Reed said...

Love the orchids, and the lupines are looking good! Are those the ones from the seeds I sent you?

Relatively Retiring said...

And I had the kettle on all that time! Glad to know you got home safely.

gz said...

RR we had intended calling on the way to see Pirates son in the Midlands...but he put us off so we didn't see you either ­čśĽ
Steve they aren't..but I do have some seedlings of the red lupin you sent.

The Weaver of Grass said...

The good thing about lupins is thatif they like you they tell you so.

Zhoen said...


Susan Heather said...

It is all looking good.

Joanne Noragon said...

It's like you never were away. Glad you had a wonderful trip.

Steve Reed said...

LOL -- I was going to say, "They're so BIG already!!!"