Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Travelling home...part one

 Carpenters Lady insisted....we are splitting the homeward journey with a stopover at Wigan...which meant we could have a leisurely journey to Hay on Wye for coffee and a wander, having a look at where I sold my work in the Butter Market every Thursday.

A lovely picnic lunch provided for us by her too....really looking after us!!

A short congested motorway hop then early supper and watching "Spring watch" on BBC 2...our first TV watching since leaving home nearly two weeks ago....and we don't really miss it.

I know who runs this shop...and it is quality!!
By the butter cross
Rooves..or is it roofs? And a good sign!!

Sad news...the post office didn't apparently like the person who was willing to buy the premises and run the post no post office in the future and already no bank...just one building society.


Susan Heather said...

It seems as though Post Offices are disappearing everywhere. Love Hay-on-Wye

Joanne Noragon said...


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Steve Reed said...

"Best Quality Old Tat" -- LOL! So sad about the post office. They're closing all over the place, for various reasons.