Wednesday, 16 July 2014


 My brother (the hairy one on the left, with the Tipi) is the advance party of those staying here and locally for The Pirate's Birthday.
 The gazebo is my present to The Pirate.
 The Cake!!  Made by "Auntie Beryl", mum of one of the Ayr Roads Cycling Club
 The Pirate mending his pew, which came from Maybole Church, and will be taken to The Club Hut ready for the party.....and mowing the grass by the hut!!
No, not the field,...... really!!

We've been busy sorting B&B accommodation for friends and family, working out what food to buy when, cleaning the house and finishing off all our grassmowing jobs.....we'll need a holiday after this!!    Still, he isn't 75 every day!


Relatively Retiring said...

Very many happy returns to the Pirate. It promises to be a great celebration!

smartcat said...

Wow! That's some lawn! and cake too!!
Happy day to come!

Peter said...

Happy birthday to the Pirate! I am most impressed by the size of the "lawn", and wondered if the mower was the current state of the art haymaking equipment as defined by some EU directive! Something to do with carbon credits!

Anyway, hope the occasion goes really well. That is a most impressive cake!